Occupy MN: Seven arrested at US Bank protest [VIDEO]

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The first of seven arrests in the middle of the street this afternoon.
During their protest of US Bank Plaza this afternoon, protesters took tents into the intersection of 6th Street and 2nd Avenue downtown. About 50 protesters circled the tents chanting as the Minneapolis police blocked off the streets and began redirecting traffic.

After about an hour, just when it seemed like the police might allow the protest to go on indefinitely, a paddy wagon pulled up and the number of uniforms seemed to double.

Protesters were warned three times by bullhorn that their group was breaking the law, and most of the protesters cleared from the intersection to chant from the sidewalk.

Seven stubbornly remained in the tents.

Watch the situation unfold below:

Previous coverage:

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DEVIN!? seriously!? you have to do the dumbest things


Also, not for nothing, but "Paddy Wagon" is widely considered an offensive term as it referred to Irish Americans (Paddys) who were often the victims of police mistreatment...you might consider changing your style manual to avoid using this offensive term.


Wow!  Kudos to the Minneapolis cops.  They showed incredible restraint and avoided the thuggery demonstrated by cops in other cities.

Bostjan Avsec
Bostjan Avsec

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