Occupy MN marches on Wells Fargo [PHOTOS]

wells fargo march2_picnik.jpg
Occupy MN
Sidewalks are for the 1 percent.
Occupy MN protesters and organizers from TakeAction Minnesota marched from the Hennepin County Government Plaza to Wells Fargo bank this morning, demanding that big banks pay their fair share of the federal deficit.

Occupy MN just posted a bunch of lovely images from the march, including a cameo by City Council Member Don Samuels.

Check them out after the jump.

wells fargo march1.jpg
wells fargo march2_picnik.jpg
wells fargo march3.jpg
wells fargo march4.jpg
wells fargo march5.jpg
wells fargo march6.jpg
wells fargo march 7.jpg
wells fargo march 8.jpg

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Wells Fargo Protester
Wells Fargo Protester

Interesting pictures of the reactions but the 2nd picture is the only one that really shows how many people there were.

Lisa Bracken
Lisa Bracken

Occupy Wall Street heralds the new model of social change in America. Learn why it's happening and how it can be guided into productive socio-political transformation at youandwhatarmybook.com

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