Rick Santorum and Bradlee Dean talked about gay sex last weekend

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Bradlee Dean, Rick Santorum: Track suit, empty suit.
Rick Santorum, the former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, announces that he's running for president every few days, waiting for someone to finally notice.

With Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain (Herman Cain!) vacuuming all the oxygen from the Republican debates, and Michele Bachmann leading the field for mistakes and meltdowns, it's pretty hard out there for a nondescript white guy in a suit to get noticed.

So, in the name of buzz, momentum, and madness, Santorum did the most reasonable thing: He went on a fringe Minnesota-based radio show, hosted by an extremist who scares most people and sues everyone else.

Over the weekend, Bradlee Dean and Santorum did the most obvious thing a couple of totally straight, masculine dudes would do: They talked about gay sex.

But! They were saying they don't like it! And no one should do it! And, also, gross, am I right guys? (High-five, bro-hug which ends quickly after both guys pull back due to homophobia.)

Santorum's appearance, as captured by the Minnesota Independent's Andy Birkey -- one of the journos who's on the business end of Bradlee Dean's bizarre lawsuits -- is an exercise in a right-wing candidate staggering toward his right.

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Bradlee Dean: Helping right-wing candidates drift over the edge.
Santorum whined a bit about how the "liberal media" and "Hollywood" just won't let you say bad stuff about homosexuality, and even the conservative media doesn't really like to hear it. Apparently it did not occur to Santorum that if his conservatism is too much for conservatives, he might just be an extremist. No, no. It's just that conservatives think it's not "polite conversation."

Finally finding himself in impolite and  equally-bigoted company, Santorum felt free to rant and rave about his gay problem -- er, his problem with gays. You know what we meant. Anyway, here's the gay stuff:

"I stood up from the very beginning, back in 2003 when the Supreme Court was going create a constitutional right to sodomy, and said 'this is wrong we can't do this,'" he said. "And so, I stood up when no one else did, and got hammered for it. I stood up and I continue to stand up."

Oh, sit down, Rick.

As Santorum explained back in 2003, he doesn't have a problem with homosexuals, just "homosexual acts." That is, you can sit at home and think gay stuff if that's your bag, but the second you walk a woman kisses another woman, or, say, buys a Subaru -- that is it! And Rick won't stand for that. Or, wait, he is standing, and continues to stand.

Unfortunately, no one is noticing that he is standing except for Bradlee Dean, who probably had exactly two listeners over the weekend. One was Andy Birkey, a gay reporter taking notes.The other was Rick Santorum's campaign manager, a conservative flack who must've spent the entire interview weeping softly and updating his resume.

The Benediction of Bradlee Dean
Bradlee Dean sues Rachel Maddow
Bradlee Dean suing Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent as well as Rachel Maddow

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