SEIU protests Wells Fargo over political contributions, immigration [PHOTOS]

Wells Fargo protest.jpg
SEIU protested political contributions, anti-immigrant politics at Wells Fargo.
SEIU Local 26 led a protest at Wells Fargo Saturday afternoon demanding an end to Wells Fargo's support of private prison and anti-immigrant politicians.

The event's organizers argue that Wells Fargo invites immigrants into its banks with Spanish-language marketing campaigns but betrays them by giving money to anti-immigrant politicians and owning stock in private prison companies.

"Let's call them what they are," said Gerardo Cajamarca, a janitor. "We're standing here in front of the hypocrites."

SEIU signed a letter last month addressed to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and Wells Fargo Minnesota CEO David Kvamme asking them for a meeting to discuss Wells Fargo's policies.

The letter asked that Wells Fargo stop contributing to anti-immigrant politicians, divest from CCA and The GEO Group, another leading private prison company, and give more loan modifications to working immigrants, which the SEIU says is a major constituency for Wells Fargo.

Cop entering Wells Fargo.jpg
Minneapolis police officers were on hand to keep the scene under control.
Two buses of protesters totaling around 50 people arrived at the Wells Fargo branch on Lake and Hiawatha around 12:30. A handful went inside the building and were immediately shoved out by police officers, but most of the demonstrators stayed outside the branch.

"Immigrants in Minnesota have trusted Wells Fargo for decades but rather than help us build strong communities Wells Fargo has supported anti-immigrant politicians like Michele Bachmann and [Congressman] John Kline," said Zenon Delgado, a Bolivian-born maintenance worker.

The group was calm and orderly, and dispersed after about half an hour.

Delgado Speaks.jpg
Zenon Delgado says Michele Bachmann doesn't deserve Wells Fargo's money.
Gerardo Cajamarca says Wells Fargo is hypocritical.

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