Minnesota might sell Zygi Wilf the Metrodome for $1

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The Metrodome is for sale: Can anyone lend Zygi a quarter?
In the hectic lead-up to the proposed special session that will or will not approve a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings, all things are on the table.

The latest proposal is no crazier than the other ones -- for example, gettin' in the gamblin' business -- and is at least pretty interesting on its face. It would keep the Vikings in town, devaluing all that Arden Hills property you swooped for.

On the plus side, it might mean a new face for the downtown area, and it would force owner Zygi Wilf to pay for a new stadium out of pocket.

On the minus side, if the state goes forward with this plan, it's going to get itself ripped off on some pretty prime real estate.

The plan, which has bipartisan support from Democrat John Marty and Republican Linda Runbeck, goes like this: Minnesota sells the Metrodome to Wilf for $1. At that point, it's his problem, and he's responsible for getting the thing blowed-up and rebuilding a new stadium amongst its ruins.

Zygi Wilf's estimated net worth is more than $1.
Marty and Runbeck will announce the proposal today, but the plan, which was actually already kicked around a year ago, might be dead on revival. When Mark Dayton was asked about the $1 plan on Wednesday, he immediately downplayed its potential, Fox9 reports.

"At this point," Dayton said, "I'd have to say that's not going to change the equation."

Just for a refresher, the current "equation" is (Minnesota's $300 million + Ramsey County taxpayers' $350 million + Minnesota Vikings' [x] = At least $1.1 billion and 1 stadium where Chrsitan Ponder can run for his life.)

According to the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, the stadium itself is worth just $25 million, and costs something like $12 million each year to operate, though a lot of that is just paying people to blow at the roof to keep it inflated. Such an "Oh God just take it" deal like the one on the table is not unheard of: In 2009, deeply depressed Detroit sold-off the once great Pontiac Silverdome for $583,000, losing about $55 million on the city's original investment.

Still, you know things are pretty open-ended when a discussion begins to sound like the urban planning version of "The Price Is Right."

"$1.1 billion!" says Mark Dayton. "$1.5 billion!" says the city of Los Angeles. "$1!" says Zygi Wilf.

The real question, and what's not yet been explained, is what would Minnesota do with its  dollar? Should we buy a Snickers bar and split it?

Oh, wait, better idea!--In honor of Picked to Click, let's spend our $1 buying the song "Prison" by the Cloak Ox off iTunes. Then Mark and Zygi can tells us what's going on once they figure it out, and we can just rock out in the meantime.


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support our schools!
support our schools!

How much is Zygi giving to local schools in Minneapolis.   Isn't it about time that this club started to support our kids rather than just taking taxpayer money.  Sure could use a few new schools here and there.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

So they're just f--king with the public now, right? Throwing out ideas that are clearly ludicrous to make their ill-advised-but-not-outright-crazy plans look better?


No.  If a valuable public asset is sold off for nothing that's criminal.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

(auction voice)  Do I hear $3?   $3 let me hear it!  Who's got $3?   Going once, twice, sold to the man in the tan hat! 

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