Mark Dayton plans special session for Vikings stadium [POLL]

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The Vikings stadium will be agreed upon before the stuffing is served.
Mark Dayton announced yesterday that he's so excited about a new Vikings stadium, it doesn't even matter what the damn thing looks like, or costs, or whatever -- just build it, man, we'll figure it out later!

After a meeting with Republican legislators, Dayton held a press conference to announce that he'd call a special session of the legislature in mid-November, whether or not the final, exact plan -- you know, the one with all the numbers -- is in place. In fact, Dayton had only two conditions for the special session: That the stadium be the only issue taken up during the session, and that legislators agree to adjourn before Thanksgiving.

So, with football and gravy on their minds, the elected officials of Minnesota will fill the State Capitol, line up on opposite sides, and smash their heads into each other once more. This means a lot to the taxpayers in this state, though they don't actually get to have their say on the matter.

So instead, in light of the extra-special session, City Pages is bringing you an extra-special poll.

wilf dayton.jpg
Zygi Wilf, Mark Dayton: Tax receiver, tax collector.
Dayton had gone into yesterday's meetings saying he'd only call the special session if legislators had a rock-solid plan, and all the votes lined up, in order to pass a bill to fund the stadium. Under the current terms, the $1.1 billion stadium would get $300 million from the state, $350 million from Ramsey County taxpayers, and the remaining $420 million from... who are we leaving out? Oh, that's right, the Vikings.

Earlier this month, the Ramsey County Charter Commission voted down the notion of turning over the tax hike to voters, essentially saying, "We'll handle this guys, don't worry."

And now the Minnesota legislature and executive branch will storm the State Capitol once more, in the hopes of reviving the magic that was the Minnesota Shutdown of 2011. Whatever happens inside there, it's unlikely they'll stop to ask voters and taxpayers first: Those groups hardly seemed like top priorities during the shutdown and its deeply flawed resolution.

So instead, you can have your voice heard on the Vikings stadium right here, on this very site. Unfortunately, in order to keep it realistic, City Pages was forced to limit the type of answer you could give.

These are the parameters as offered by the state's elected officials. Sorry guys. We get what we elect.

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This is not in the best interest of Minnesota.  they won't win, the only thing we lead the league in is arrests no one gives a damn what that image gives to kids.  So if the vikes can give up their fines, hookers, drugs maybe they could fund their damn stadium themselves and this will give this state grounds to impeach Dayton.  I can't even call him governor he is a loser on a power trip.  Do not build this and do not charged an overtaxed undermployed state.  How bout Dayton and his administration pay for the state's share?  We have unrealistic people here in office I am sorry another buyer's remorse in progress.  We got it with the Dayton Administration, we are getting with the Twins and Joe Maher, and we have always gotten it with the vikings.  They have always choked and I do not see a building making them play better.  In my opinion they have done little to nothing to improve themselves on the field and even less on the field so why provide them Welfare for the wealthy?  They make the salaries for playing a childhood game and they are nothing more then gang members with bad attitudes and poor community attitudes.  Kids look up to these domestic abusers, drug abuser, animal abuser and any other law they choose to break then get breaks from it/.  So I would llike to thank the nfl for getting the thugs off the streets since there is little more they have done for the community other then showing that the dregs of society its ok to abuse people, laws, fans and not have one consequence other then a night in jail.   So go ahead build your stadium but don't do it on the public dime.  The people who do attend spend tons of money on tickets, merchandise and refreshments, you are telling me you can't get enough of that to pay for a share of the stadium well maybe the front office should take a salary break as well.


Any business that pays it's employees millions of dollars has enough money to build it's own stadium.  Also if the tax payers paid 650 million for Wilf's new stadium in Arden Hills it would be for only 8 regular season home games per year.  The cost/benefit analysis doesn't work for the tax payers.  Not even close on this one.

LA Vikings Fan
LA Vikings Fan

Fuck those losers, they already have a stadium that we gave them for free.  Take it or get the fuck out.


This is so old. The same crap happened with the LRT, Xcel Energy Center, and Target Field. As a Ramsey County citizen, I'm all for the stadium!

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Wait one minute!!!Is the house and senate in agreement on a funding bill?In fact, they are not.

Remember when Mark Dayton wouldn't call "Special Session", for the legislation during the State Shutdown, until a legislative bill was finalized, and agreed upon?


"PUNISH THE PEOPLE IS HOW YOU GET YOUR WAY", says the Democrat strategist.

Like with all, time reveals the truth.


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