Brett Rogers, MMA Fighter, sentenced to 60 days in wife beating

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Brett Rogers is going to jail
Brett Rogers' professional fighting career took another hit this morning as a Dakota County judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail for beating his wife this summer.

The sentence further derails a once-promising mixed martial arts career. Rogers was considered a top fighter in MMA but lost his professional contract with Strikeforce after he was charged June 30 for beating his wife.

Rogers' current legal problems began June 29, when cops showed up at his house at 12:30 a.m. to investigate a domestic violence call.

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Brett Rogers: the baddest man in MMA
Rogers' wife, Tiuana, had left the house and told police that Rogers had knocked out one of her teeth, choked her, and hit her in the head repeatedly. Rogers was charged with strangulation, child endangerment and assault the next day.

Rogers struck a plea deal with prosecutors in September, copping to third-degree assault charges and was scheduled for sentencing today. Judge Karen Asphaug gave him 60 days, three years' probation, and a $500 fine.

Rogers has had other problems with the law since his initial arrest in June, including a restraining order that was taken out against him by his neighbors for harassment and intimidation. He was arrested last month for violating a protection order taken out by his wife.

His last professional fight for Strikeforce was a loss last June against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett.

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Oh my! I am so sad for her. I hate guys that hits woman.I think that action is not manly.I indeed agree with mma gear's comment.

Lyka from barrette cheveux 

mma gear
mma gear

Such kind of things must be stopped. A fighter should be fighter on ring not at home and hit innocent human which is physically weaker than a man.

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