Cal Clutterbuck accidentally punched a ref twice last night [VIDEO]

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Cal Clutterbuck took two big swings and nailed... the wrong guy.
Minnesota Wild winger Cal Clutterbuck is known for a few things. First, there's that great name of his.

Clutterbuck's also one of the most prolific hitmen in the NHL: A couple years back, while playing for the Wild, Clutterbuck set the all time record for most hits in a single season.

But Clutterbuck's name and his hits might someday be dwarfed in the Clutterbuck legacy, thanks to an unfortunate incident last night. As Clutterbuck clashed with the Vancouver Canucks' Maxim Lapierre, the two of them were caught up in a close quarters stalemate.

A referee tried to step in and pull the two apart. Clutterbuck chose that moment to throw two blind, roundhouse left hooks -- both of which smashed right into the ref's face.

Clutterbuck's errant blows, which have since been uploaded to the official Canucks' Youtube stream -- complete with little red boxes that say "BOOM!" when the punches land -- and is quickly going viral.

You have to hand it this ref, Darren Gibbs, who takes the first punch like a champ. Even after the second one,  documented here in a slow-mo closeup, Gibbs only lets go of his bear hug for a cobwebs-shaking moment.

Clutterbuck earned himself a trip to the penalty box, and will survive these embarrassing punches to skate and fight another day.

We can only hope that the next time he gets a hold of somebody, his technique is a little less Three Stooges, and a lot more Derek Boogard.

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This is what I love about hockey. If an official gets punched in any other sport, the player would be suspended for months and would be crucified in the press. But in hockey, it's like, "Well, the guy shouldn't have put his face there." Game on!

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