Derrick Williams is interested in what this woman is doing with that pencil [VIDEO]

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This is not how we remember high school.
Derrick Williams is the Timberwovles' top draft pick and most exciting acquisition since a skinny teenager named Kevin Garnett.

Or, he would be those things, if the NBA wasn't so hopelessly locked out. For now, Williams is just a 20-year-old kid trying to stay in shape and get ready for a Minnesota winter. He's also trying to pull in a little endorsement dough, especially since he's not getting paid by the team anytime soon.

Williams's offseason probably isn't as interesting as that of his teammate Michael Beasley, who is being sued and countersuing. But, from the looks of this surprisingly sexed-up ad, Williams is probably having a lot more fun.

As you watch, keep your eyes open for the appearance of Julius Caesar, Louis XIV, and George Washington, all of whom -- as is historically accurate -- are flanked by scantily clad dancers.

Also enjoying the sights -- and the sounds of SoCal rappers Pac Div -- are Williams's fellow NBAers Eric Gordon, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony. Sure, there are a couple of grown-up moments in this ad, but it, and its theme -- "Bling Is Dead" -- are a lot more interesting than the typical Nike ad.

The ad is for Phiten, a company that markets necklaces and bracelets which, it claims, are good for you because of something called "aqua-titanium." Rather than explain this complicated and perhaps made-up science, Phiten decided they'd move a lot more product if they just get some cool-looking famous guys to watch chicks dance.

Finally, someone found a way to bring together rap, pro athletes, and hot women -- in the name of science. What will they think of next, you know?

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