Holly Boyd, Chihuahua killer, sentenced to 45 days in jail

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Holly Boyd admitted she killed her chihuahua puppy.
A local dog-killing case that infuriated animal lovers around the world finally came to a close, when Holly Boyd was sentenced today in the gruesome death of her chihuahua puppy.

The description of the puppy's death was so violent that an online petition and a Facebook group sprang up asking that Boyd get the maximum sentence. The decision an Anoka County judge handed down today will likely disappoint many signees.

On March 24, after Boyd got into a fight with her boyfriend, the Anoka police advised him to take a walk. Shortly after he'd left, the tiny chihuahua puppy the couple had just bought hours earlier peed on Boyd's leg. Boyd picked it up and slung it at a dresser so hard, the animal ruptured its bowels and fractured its skull in several places. Boyd conveyed the news to her boyfriend via text: "The dogs killed it also broke its neck I think."

baby chihuahua.jpg
A tear-jerker from the Facebook group Maximum Penalty for Holly Boyd.
After initially telling cops that the dog had bumped into a coffee table and that she'd sue them if they arrested her, Boyd pleaded guilty to the felony mistreatment of animals charge in September.

A petition started online asked Judge Donald Venne to hand Boyd the maximum sentence. It's collected 3,462 signatures and was delivered to the prosecuting attorney in the case.

Instead, Boyd got 45 days and a window to avoid serving any time at all if she enrolls in therapy within two weeks of her sentencing. The judge expressed major concern over Boyd's mental health. She'll be under supervised probation for three years.

During that time, of course, she is not to own any pets.

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Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Well, look on the bright side -- at least she tested her parenting skills on a dog before having children of her own ...


John Tiessen
John Tiessen

well that takes the cake, sometimes I just dont know what to think or say and this is one of them. 


Do you really think a society that runs on factory farms and industrialized animal torture would severely punish animal cruelty? No court wants to set that kind of precedent - why do you think Michal Vick got less than 2 years in prison for over 5 years of personal involvement in animal torture and executions? Willfully hurting an animal is an incredibly evil act, but one that daily feeds nearly every American (myself included). If Holly Boyd worked at a cattle-processing factory she'd probably be promoted for her blood-lust. So I guess that's two points: we don't punish animal abuse fairly because it would force us to reconsider our food sources (and lose the food industry billions of dollars), and we only punish some abuse with (slightly) harsher penalties because the animal is cute, domestic, or endangered. 

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