Jesse Ventura wants to be a Mexican or president of the United States

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Jesse Ventura has two plans which seem to conflict with each other.
Jesse Ventura got his lawsuit against TSA pat-downs thrown out on jurisdictional grounds, and today Ventura held a press conference to vent his frustration with the  American legal system.

So, now, of course, the former governor wants to become a Mexican. Pretty obvious next step, right?

Or! Maybe he'll just become President (of the United States) -- we think? -- and then he'll just change the laws he doesn't like.

The presidential race, and the state of U.S.-Mexican relations, might be about to get a whole lot stranger.

Ventura made these pronouncements in a wild press conference today, where he told reporters, among other things, that he'll "never fly commercial again," the Star Tribune reports.

Perhaps the least easy way to avoid flying commercial is to fly Air Force One, which Jesse said he's thinking about. As Ventura made his presidential threat, apparently wanted WCCO reporter Pat Kessler to make eye contact. As the Star Tribune describes it:

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"Look up, [Pat] Kessler," he began, pausing for effect to say that the only way he can change airport security is to run for president.

Did anyone explain that Ventura's suit was just dismissed for jurisdiction, and he can just appeal to federal court, which would--

Wait, what was that about Mexico?

Ventura said he and his wife Terry were thinking about applying for dual citizenship with our southern neighbor, which might be the strangest way to launch a run for the White House. Then again, it's not much stranger than starting a presidential bid with statements like the ones picked-up by the Pioneer Press.

"I have lost my patriotism," Ventura said. 'It is gone, because they've stripped me of it by not allowing me to have my day in court."

Well, he did have his day in court, but Ventura wants his case to be heard by a jury, and not a judge.

There is no greater trial by jury than a presidential election. With Michele Bachmann on the wane, this is Minnesota's last great chance to send one of our own to the White House. (That is, if you believe either of them are actually from Minnesota... or, you know, Earth.) Besides, other than Herman Cain, this race is a little boring these days.

Run, el Presidente, run.


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