Joe Kapp decks Angelo Mosca in geezer fight [VIDEO]

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When septuagenarians attack.
At a fund-raising luncheon for retired Canadian Football League players, two very old rivals took the stage to answer questions -- 74-year-old former defensive tackle and pro-wrestler Angelo Mosca, and 73-year-old Joe Kapp, a former Vikings quarterback.

Apparently, the men wanted to address a 50-year-old grudge between them right off the bat -- by attacking one another and tumbling from the stage.

Geezer fiiiiight!

The whole thing was caught on video and it's kind of amazing.

Joe Kapp had an illustrious career with the Vikings, leading the team to its first ever playoff in 1968. He achieved a record number of touchdown passes while with the team and was named "The Toughest Chicano" by Sports Illustrated in 1970.

That title was put to the test 40 years later, when he got onstage with Mosca last Friday. Apparently, the pair have hated one another ever since 1963, when Mosca executed a controversial hit on a teammate of Kapp's, knocking him out of the game. When Kapp first got onstage, he facetiously offered Mosca a flower from one of the centerpieces.

"Shove it up your ass!" growls Mosca.

Kapp goes at Mosca with the flower, swats him with it, and then all hell breaks loose. Check it out:

And, yes, that's Kapp yelling "Sportsmanship!" at the very end.

Seems we've found the perfect coach for the Minnesota Vikings All-Arrested team.

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Too bad~ the video is already removed by the owner.Its something to be proud of ~ Joe Kapp definitely ROCK!

Harley from jupe boule 

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