Karl Bremer sues New Republic over Vennes photo

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Courtesy Karl Bremer.
Karl Bremer wants The New Republic to shell out $5,000.
Stillwater blogger and notorious Michele Bachmann foe Karl Bremer has a new enemy: The New Republic.

Bremer recently filed a lawsuit against the Washington, D.C.-based magazine for using a photo he took of Frank Vennes Jr., the embattled Tom Petters fundraiser accused of helping bilk investors out of billions in Minnesota's most famous Ponzi scheme.

This isn't the first time Bremer's gone toe-to-toe with a national magazine. Just last summer, Bremer was one of the Minnesota journalists whose work was heavily borrowed in Matt Taibbi's Bachmann profile for Rolling Stone.

The Vennes photo appeared as part of a collage on the cover of TNR's October 26 issue, which featured a story on the Petters Ponzi scheme.

Here's a side-by-side of the two images, courtesy of Dump Bachmann:


Bremer originally took the photo for his blog, "Ripple In Stillwater," where he has long been chronicling news on Vennes. He is also author of a forthcoming book on Bachmann -- The Madness of Michele Bachmann -- that will feature a chapter on Vennes.

Bremer called TNR shortly after seeing the cover. TNR eventually offered to pay him for the photo, says Bremer, but because Vennes photos are scarce, he didn't think the price was fair.

"It's kind of like trying to put a price on a one-of-a-kind item," says Bremer. "There are no photos of Frank Vennes out there. You can't find them."

The lawsuit, filed in Washington County, alleges unfair competition and asks for $5,000. TNR didn't respond for comment Wednesday afternoon.

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    Kirk the Conservative Jerk
    Kirk the Conservative Jerk

    You mean his work shouldn't just be shared with the world?So he suing because he feels he should be paid for his photo?Sounds like a "greedy capitalist" to me.  I wonder why his look doesn't fit his capitalistic views?



    Andy wrote:"...the embattled Tom Petters fundraiser accused of helping bilk investors out of billions in Minnesota's most famous Ponzi scheme."

    That's part of the story. Vennes was already an ex-con when he became involved in the Petters scheme. Bachmann tried to get Dubya to pardon him, and her support of Vennes was crucial in persuading many evangelical congregations in her district to invest in the scheme.

    As a result, a lot of Bachmann's constituents lost nearly everything in the fraud.

    Rather than take responsibility for her vouching for Vennes, Bachmann once again played the "victim card". The mean old "liberal media" actually mentioned that Bachmann had stood behind Vennes almost up to his indictment. As usual, she never denied it. Instead, she just bawled that it was bad for people to point it out.

    Bachmann has a habit of being very gullible.

    Mikey Diamonds
    Mikey Diamonds

    How hard can it really be to get a photo of this jerk-off?

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