Kim Kardashian returns to Minnesota to face Kris Humphries

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Together forever (whereas forever is equivalent to 72 days)
Kim Kardashian took a break from her divorce drama in Hollywood to whip up some divorce drama in "Yeehaw Minnesota" over the weekend, dropping in on estranged husband and occasional basketball player Kris Humphries at his Hopkins home.

The reality starlet took a deep breath and braved the hellish idea of a Twin Cities visit on Sunday, likely shedding a big butt-shaped teardrop when she heard no handlers, Hermes gift bags or psalm-waving greeters awaited her at MSP. 

After K-Dash totally nailed us for being  a state barren of career possibilities for people looking to coast through a lavish non-career, we as the collective the state of Minnesota have been labeled the problem child between this made-in-heaven match. If we play our cards right though, maybe we'll get to live with Daddy and the mean alien Mommy will go back from whence she came once and for all.

Inevitability aside, Kardashian, Humphries, and the hometown pastor who married them met for four hours on Sunday, TMZ reported. Sources said he was looking for reconciliation while she was looking to save face and offer closure after emails between the two got nasty. Humphries apparently regrets he found out about the divorce through the media, a channel through which Kim has been solely communicating for the last five years (The cell phone glued to her hands on E! is clearly a prop).

Less than 24-hous after she arrived, the bushy-eyed reality star whisked herself back to LaLa Land as to avoid any signs of career wilting.

No word on whether the city mouse and the country mouse will officially reunite, but one thing's for sure -- we're not going anywhere. Yeehaw. 

Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries over... Minnesota?

Kim Kardashian takes a swipe at "Yeehaw Minnesota"

Also, if you haven't seen this little gem, SNL takes probably the best swipe yet:


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Humphries is probably lucky the "fling" is over.  Next time he should pick quality over quantity  .And as far as Kardashian not liking Minnesota?  Good.

Elloise Lane
Elloise Lane

Bwwaaaaahhhaaaa! I love that after HOURS of this being up, there are only three comments!! Live is good here in MN, good job people, let's show her how much she really doesn't matter.  :)


KK must have come into town for the local premier of her latest sex tape....


It doesn't matter how much money you have; you can't buy class.  Does America really care about Kim's make believe problems.  I say Kris needs to bail while he can!

Paul M.
Paul M.

Kim completes me.  I am disappointed she was unable to share a stage with me when she was in town.

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