Michele Bachmann named 50th hottest woman in politics by sexist men's mag

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Michele Bachmann: Hot?
Michele Bachmann was named the 50th hottest woman in politics by Complex magazine yesterday, joining a distinguished class of objectified politicians from around the globe.

Sexist though the magazine's list is, Complex tries its best to offer salient political commentary on at least some of its entries, including Bachmann's.

"She's your crazy ex-girlfriend in political form. You know the one - seemed normal when you first met her, but over time you realized that she does not live on the same planet as the rest of us. The sex was good though."

Despite the occasional punditry, most of the entries are rather transparent about the magazine's goal of stimulating the viewers' prurient interest.

Anna-Maria Galojan is an Estonian political scientist. She's also been on the cover of America's greatest magazine, which, Complex tells us, is what really matters.

Anna-Maria Galojan: Probably likes long walks on the beach.
"The important thing is, when she was accused of stealing from the government, she proved her innocence by posing for Playboy," reads her commendation on the site.

Besides Bachmann, the list singles out such American luminaries as Sarah Palin and Condolezza Rice as "hot" women in politics. But with the exception of Nevada state senator Elizabeth Halseth, who was ranked 7, the top ten is dominated from abroad. Peru, Ukraine, Japan, France, Spain, Singapore -- yes, Singapore -- Spain and Italy are all represented at the top.

Alina Kabaeva: #1 on Complex's list.
The world's hottest politician, according to Complex, is a Russian Olympic gold medalist, Alina Kabaeva.

Kabaeva is a Deputy in the Russian State Duma who was, at one time, rumored to be Vladimir Putin's fiance.

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Who votes? the guys Halseth slept with////oh that's right, she doesn't like men

Danny Roxanne
Danny Roxanne

Why do you consider the Complex a sexist magazine - seems pretty tame compared to the sex ads in Citypages - should have just left"sexist" and your judgement out of the piece and resist being what you think is PC.


What is sexist about showing pictures of pretty ladies?

Les Wes
Les Wes

Sexism is different from sexually explicit material.

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