More than 400 vehicles crashed during light snowfall on Saturday

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Alex E. Priomos
A crash course in winter driving.
There were 442 car crashes throughout the state during that light snowfall on Saturday, according to numbers put out by the Minnesota State Patrol.

Apparently, everyone who was driving saw the flakes falling, covered their eyes to pretend it wasn't happening, and ended up in a ditch. Or else we all just really needed a -- ehrm -- crash course in winter driving.

"These two- or three-inch snowfalls cause significant problems because they're not enough to stop people from traveling," explains Lt. Eric Roeske.

The bulk of the accidents took place in the metro area: 226 crashes total, with 28 injuries. Of those, 126 sent a car spinning off the road. Statewide, 48 people were injured and 282 of those accidents involved a car spin-out or off the road.

Roeske says the relative wimpiness of the snowfall is what really undoes drivers.

"When it's an inch or two, they think, 'Oh, it's just an inch or two,'" he says. "People don't seem to recognize they need to slow down."

Instead of leaving early, driving slower, and being generally more vigilant, drivers are more apt to drive as recklessly as ever. That's a one-way ticket to spin-out city.

So, slow your roll, Minnesota. We've got a whole season of this ahead of us.

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400+ accidents!  It's not like it snowed in Houston.  It shouldn't matter that this was the first snowfall, unless you imported 1 million people from Southern California.  As one who left the Minneapolis area for Atlanta a few years ago, I'm simply astounded at the way a lot of you people drive.  It's either putt-putting along at 20 MPH when you could be doing 40 MPH or doing 70 MPH in your Chevy Subdivision when you should be doing 40 MPH.  Most of you should be doing what the southern fried hicks do when there's that once per year appearance of snow, stay off the roads!


Where were the salting trucks?  My city street was covered in ice up until today when the sun melted most of it.  This year is going to be a lot like last year where salting trucks and plows don't come out unless it's a work day.


Perhaps it was the layer of pure ice under the snow that caused the accidents?  If you were actually out there driving you would know that the roads were slick as hell so even a minor mistake would result in an accident.  The snow had nothing to do with it.  Excellent job on this well thought out article.

Jason Carle
Jason Carle

its not the article that is ridiculous, its the MN drivers that are ridiculous.  We go through this every year, when are people going to learn to slow down and be aware of others around them?


It may have been a light snowfall but there was also below freezing temperatures, rain and sleet. The roads were pure ice and people were driving slowly and cautiously but when a vehicle is coasting on ice your speed really doesn't matter. This article is just ridiculous. 

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