Perez Hilton to Minnesotans: Don't let Michele Bachmann "brainwash" you

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Perez Hilton stands with Minnesotans United for All Families.
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton came out against Minnesota's gay marriage amendment this afternoon and took shots at Michele Bachmann on his blog.

Hilton made a direct appeal to Minnesotans not to discriminate against gay people in our communities or give in to Bachmann's evil powers.

"We know Michele Bachmann has made absolutely every effort to brainwash you...but please don't allow hate to prevail!"

The gay marriage amendment to the state constitution will be voted on November 6, 2012. If approved, gay marriage would be banned in this state.

Although the election is a year away, it's getting plenty of attention in the media.

richard carllbom.jpg
Richard Carlbom has Perez Hilton's support.
The Star Tribune recently reported that the marriage amendment divide is "deep." MPR publicized the strategies being employed by groups on both sides of the issue.

Even Mayor R.T. Rybak has gotten in on the action.

"One year from today Minnesota will defeat an amendment that tries to use the constitution to take away rights," he tweeted on Sunday.

Minnesotans United for All Families Campaign Manager Richard Carlbom told City Pages that the Hilton blog post shows how important this issue is.

"People are paying attention to this issue. It's an issue people care about in Minnesota," Carlbom said. "We hear from hundreds of people every day who have questions about how this measure will affect their friends, their families, and their lives."

Carlbom called the amendment a test for the state.

"The fundamental question people are asking is, 'Will Minnesotans treat others the way they want to be treated?' It's the old Golden Rule. This is something people are going to be weighing," Carlbom said.

In his post, Hilton noted the challenges facing the amendment, which is running roughly even in the polls, and praised the efforts of pro-gay marriage advocates.

"We understand it will not be an easy task changing the minds of Minnesotans who support the amendment, but we're glad to see that so many people in the state are committed to supporting marriage equality! It fills us with hope!"

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But what does "Perez Hilton" think about the Vikings stadium?  I need to know how to think.


Don't listen to Bachmann but don't listen to Hilton either. Think for yourselves.

Jiminy Cricketmas
Jiminy Cricketmas

Because obviously Minnesotans who would vote for banning gay marriage check out Perez Hilton on the reg.

Danny Roxanne
Danny Roxanne

a gossip blogger from LA giving Minnesotans advice?

Why is he worthy of our attention and time let alone the Top News Story on City Pages.


To clarify the marriage amendment does not ban gay marriage it simply adds current state policy to the MN constitution. Nothing will change in Minnesota policy if the amendment passes or fails. Also does anyone care what Perez Hilton has to say about politics? Maybe he should stick to breaking celebrity gossip...


I bet he hasn't even HEARD of Katherine Kersten. Wish I hadn't.


John wrote:"Nothing will change in Minnesota policy if the amendment passes or fails."

The State Constitution isn't a dictionary, and that's exactly what the proposed Amendment tries to turn our State Constitution into.

None of the horrors that the backers of this Amendment predict have come to pass in any other State that allows gay marriage. Let this issue go through the normal legislative process, instead of trying to do an "end run".

This entire Amendment is a desperate effort in a Culture War that the Right lost long ago. We are not going to return to a 1950's social order. The backers of this Amendment know that support for gay marriage is steadily growing, and this is their last chance to gin up enough elderly voters to push through an element of the Christian fundamentalist agenda.

Even if the Amendment passes, it will probably be repealed within five years. Why even bother?

Personally, I think that the Humphries/Kardashian 'marriage' does more to undermine the concept of marriage than a hundred same-sex couples would - and that would continue to be legal under this Amendment.

"Also does anyone care what Perez Hilton has to say about politics?"

If you don't, then ignore him. The majority of the article isn't even about Hilton, and contains only one sentence from him.


Well then, if it doesn't matter I'm sure we can count you as a "no" vote, right?

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

The marriage amendment is bigotry.   Defeating it will show the politicians people want gay people to be treated with respect and dignity.   Minnesota needs to be one of the leading states and eliminate laws that reduce a minority to second class citizens.  I can't wait to send those Republican assholes an awesome fuck you when I vote against the Bradlee Dean Bigot Amendment. 

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