Protesters arrested for shutting down 10th Avenue Bridge [PHOTOS]

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400 protesters marched across the 10th Ave Bridge, 11 were arrested
About 400 protesters marched on the 10th Avenue Bridge this evening, and 11 were arrested for refusing police orders to get out of the road.

The demonstration began at 19th Avenue and Washington near the University of Minnesota law school. Protesters chanted "We are the 99 percent!" as they marched across the bridge. The gathering was organized by ISAIAH, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, and the SEIU African American Caucus to call for public infrastructure projects that can create jobs.

Once the group of demonstrators neared the end of the bridge, 11 protesters linked arms in the middle of the road, setting off a tense confrontation with the cops.

Sgt. Gary Nelson arrested protesters for being a "public nuisance"
Sergeant Gary Nelson of the Minneapolis Police Department confronted demonstrators, via bullhorn, with a warning that they needed to get off the bridge or be arrested.

Most of the marchers stepped onto the sidewalk but a group of 11 plopped onto the middle of the road, linked arms, and refused to budge as the other protesters stood off to the side chanting, "The whole world is watching!"

Minneapolis police arrested the demonstrators one by one, with two officers escorting each demonstrator off the bridge and into a paddy wagon. The protesters were charged with obstructing vehicular traffic and being a public nuisance, both misdemeanors.

Lyda Robb took a stand for social justice
Minnesotans for a Fair Economy City Director Donna Cassutt was one of the more notable arrestees on the bridge, along with Rev. Paul Slack, Chair of ISAIAH's Clergy Group, and Sunday Alabi, the president of Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

Others arrested included David Hoaglund, Laurie Stammer, Amity Foster, Eric Salminen, Brandon Nessen, Sanjay Tahthi, Valerie Ralstad, and Lyda Robb.

Robb joined the demonstration and the arrest line to protest the fact that the "system is inaccessible."

Laurie Stammer was arrested while shutting down the 10th Avenue Bridge
"This country is not working right," said Laurie Stammer, a union organizer with SEIU and a grandmother who said she's most upset about the "corporate takeover of America."

"If you don't stand up for what you believe in, you get what you deserve," Stammer said as she waited for police officers to handcuff her.

After the march ended, a group of demonstrators walked back to the University of Minnesota law school and headed over to the Government Plaza to meet up with Occupy protesters.

The group of about 100 marched down Washington Avenue with several squad cars trailing them. One police officer warned them to get onto the sidewalk but they ignored him, chanting "Whose streets? Our streets!" as cars honked their horns.

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