Sean Casey partied naked at a Stillwater bar

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Sean Casey discovered that this shirt is accurate.
Sean Casey sounds like he knows how to have a good time.

This weekend, the 21-year-old was enjoying an evening at the Freight House bar in downtown Stillwater when he decided to strip off his clothes and hit the dance floor, according to police.

This was, unfortunately for Casey, a violation of the bar's dress code. Casey's night was cut short by police, and he was charged with a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

Stillwater police got the call at 1:52 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived moments later, they found Freight House bouncers pinning Casey to the dance floor in nothing but his birthday suit.

The staff told police they had seen Casey "come up the stairs completely nude carrying his clothing in front of him" and then run onto the dance floor, according to the report.

Casey told them he did it "for fun."

One officer handcuffed Casey, and another kindly helped him back into his underwear. A Breathalyzer put his blood-alcohol content at .21.

Casey was booked in the Stillwater jail. Not the best way to end the night, but a small price to pay for what very well may be the most fun ever achieved in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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I know sean....he's awesome n has streaked many times before. Seriously tho to any would be critics of sean...i'll bet youve.all said or done something stupid while drinking...if you say otherwise ur a liar. Also to anyone who was a witness n is offended...dont hang out at bars at 2am if your that big of a prude. The freighthouse is totally.lame...sean did them a favor getting their name out their...n the bouncers all act like they're secret service agents...they think they're navy seals and take their security jobs at a totally lame "club" way too seriously.


You don't get out much do you Andy?

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