WCCO airs video of woman's suicide on I-94

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WCCO aired this video of a woman's suicide.
Viewers were outraged this evening when embattled local TV station WCCO aired footage of the suicide of a woman who lay down in the middle of I-94 to die.

The footage from cameras meant to monitor traffic conditions apparently aired on the noon newscast, but it didn't light up social media until just moments ago. The video is still available on the WCCO site as of now, but it might be disappeared like Duck/Dog before long.

"We won't show you the collision, but we do want to share the video leading up to it," anchor Angela Davis chirps in the lead-in.

This is the tweet that first brought the video to my attention:
Here is the video until it gets taken down when better heads prevail (though it won't be gone long, because I've got it on Flip video):

About halfway through the video, WCCO shows an even more graphic and close-up view of the moments just before impact. Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart, and is only being embedded in the interest of full transparency so that readers can decide for themselves if it was appropriate for WCCO to broadcast it on network television.

And here is a screenshot of how it looks on the WCCO website:
A graphic video of a woman's suicide on WCCO.

Author's Note: Some readers in the comments and on social media are questioning why we would embed a video we are decrying, thus propagating the footage we criticize WCCO for airing in the first place. I believe there's a distinction between airing the footage on broadcast TV to a mass and unsuspecting audience tuning into their local news vs. embedding the footage in a clearly labeled media criticism post with the goal of allowing readers to decide for themselves if they think it was inappropriate.

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