WCCO "dog meat" story gets the NMA TV treatment [VIDEO]

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WCCO reporter duo.JPG
Schugel in real life and in CG (wearing a dunce cap).
WCCO reporter James Schugel is having one hell of a week.

First, he breaks a story about a butcher shop in Chinatown selling dog meat that turns out to be super false. Then, the mistake goes viral. Next the Asian American Journalists Association demands an apology and the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalism calls it an embarrassment to journalists.

Now it's reached the apex of internet mortification: Schugel's story has been lampooned by NMA TV, the Taiwan-based media company that famously animated Tiger Wood's date with a golf club in CG.

Oh, and NMA TV's version of events is hilarious.

Schugel's I-TEAM exclusive claimed that a dog breeder in Minnesota was sending dogs to New York City. When he called the address where they were supposedly delivered, he could only find a meat market. In a phone call to the market, Schugel had a reputation-killing misunderstanding with an employee, who confirmed that, yes, they sold duck meat for consumption. Schugel heard "dog meat."

After discovering the error, someone scrubbed the story from the WCCO website.

But why read about it when you could be watching it with spoof music? Check out the re-enactment, including an imagined moment where everyone points at Schugel and laughs:

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NMA TV's version of events is totally false. No Oriental market was ever that clean!

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

I'd comment, but first I need Mn Voter to tell us all what we should think, and why all the liberals here should apologize for something done by a local corporate (conservatively owned) news media entity that sells infotainment to senior citizens (WCCO's demographic).

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