WCCO Duck Dog footage surfaces on YouTube [VIDEO]

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James Schugel as he appears in the Duck Dog video.
Despite WCCO-TV's attempts to scrub all evidence of the Duck/Dog debacle from the internet, a video of the original report has surfaced on YouTube.

The video was posted yesterday evening by TVSpyShopTalk, which is part of MediaBistro. Previously, we posted the transcript of the errant report, but the actual video remained something of a Golden Fleece for local media reporters -- the material was even deleted from WCCO's internal servers.

But now it's available for all to see, including the embarrassing moment where James Schugel pesters a guy who can't speak English over the phone.

"Dogs for people to eat?" Schugels implores.

Here's the video:

And here's a few screen grabs of the Duck/Dog mistake as it happens:

The Duck Dog video shows how the mistake happened.
Previous Coverage:

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Adam Minter
Adam Minter

I've been trying to come up with a reason to explain why this episode bugs me so much, and it just came to me: by refusing to acknowledge the mistake, correct it, or apologize, WCCO is behaving precisely like the Chinese state-owned news agencies and propaganda authorities with whom I've been dealing for nearly a decade in Shanghai. Got a story wrong? Scrub it. Need to apologize or correct yourself? Find some small piece of moral high ground and refuse to acknowledge your incompetence.

It happens, on a daily basis, like clockwork over here. Congrats to WCCO's brass for aping the methodology so perfectly.

Anne from Australia
Anne from Australia

Shame on you WCCO-TV for the deliberate misleading report. I would never be able to trust any story by James Schugel. Where are the ethics and morals in journalism? No wonder people are now tuning off the news. 



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