Everyone in Wisconsin wants to walk around with a gun

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Wisconsin is preparing to star in a big-budget Western.
This morning, Wisconsin began taking applications for the state's brand new concealed carry gun law.

By this afternoon, every single person in Wisconsin will be armed to the teeth. Shoulder holster, one at the hip, little one down by the ankle. Strap up, Wisconsin. Let's do this thing.

According to a spokesman for the Wisconsin Secretary of State's office, more than 80,000 people had downloaded the concealed carry application online. And that number came after the website had been up and running for exactly one hour.

If you're curious, you can drive to Madison this weekend, and watch as thousands of people in Aaron Rodgers jerseys stir their beer-cheese soup with the business end of a pistol.

The requirements for the law are pretty simple. You have to be 21, not have any legal prohibition on gun ownership, take a certified training course and... (you knew there was a catch) you have to live in Wisconsin.

Oh well, Minnesota. Just because you don't live in Wisconsin, doesn't mean you can't drive there and get shot.

You can't take your gun into Lambeau Field, which is no longer part of America.
The Wisconsin State Journal reports that dozens of people were on hand to turn in their applications the moment the Justice Department opened this morning, and that the phones in that office were ringing off the hook thanks to curious citizens. Some of those first sign-ups came from a group called Wisconsin Carry, Inc., a Second Amendment advocacy group.

Group members filed in wearing their orange T-shirts, the Journal reports, which are probably useful so they can spot each other from 100 yards out, and make sure not to shoot the wrong guy.

The enactment of Wisconsin's law means that now only one American state, Illinois, doesn't allow any kind of concealed carry permits.

But maybe after Wisconsin has a couple of beers, it'll strap on its loaded pistol, walk over to Illinois, and tell Illinois that they need to have a serious chat.

You can take your gun into the Wisconsin State Capitol, but not Lambeau Field

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