Amy Koch facing pressure to resign from other Republicans

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Amy Koch's political career is finished, sooner or later
Amy Koch has already promised not to run for re-election next fall, but that might not be good enough for her fellow Republican legislators.

Several party leaders are publicly suggesting that she "consider" leaving the Senate. After all, it's what they would do.

"I would certainly say that if the allegations are true, if it were me I would leave the Senate," said Assistant Senate majority leader Dave Thompson. "I don't know all the facts and therefore can't really say what she should do. I think if the allegations are true, I think it would be very difficult to remain an elected official."

David Hann would "strongly consider" quitting if he had an "inappropriate relationship" with a subordinate.
Assistant majority leader David Hann added his two cents on KSTP this weekend, saying that he would "strongly consider leaving the Senate" if he were in Koch's position.

"But she has to make that decision and do what's best for her and her family going forward," Hann said.

Not everyone is trying to gently nudge her out the door. At least one assistant leader in the party wants her to stay.

"You know there were certainly some issues that arose the last week or so but certainly on balance and over time she's done a great job and I would encourage her frankly to stay on," said assistant majority leader Dave Senjem.

Koch's resignation as majority leader has been humiliating for state Republicans, who are being mocked relentlessly on Twitter, comments sections of news articles, and the blogosphere.

"Pick a Republican who's attacked same-sex marriage and they're either gay themselves or done something totally skeevy to besmirch the holy institution," says Queerty.

Her resignation amidst allegations she had "an inappropriate relationship" with a male staffer have spurred heavy rumors that Republican power broker Michael Brodkorb was the staffer in question. He left his job with the senate GOP caucus Friday and departed Mike Parry's congressional campaign Saturday morning.


* Amy Koch had "inappropriate relationship." Was it Michael Brodkorb?
* Michael Brodkorb leaves Mike Parry congressional campaign

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Because, after all, the Republican party never tolerates infidelity and wrongdoing within its ranks. And no Republican male politician has EVER cheated on his wife and not resigned.


Dump the obese hypocritical Republican female dog, and move on to the next hypocritical Republican.

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

Much as I've enjoyed this scandal, driving Amy Koch from elected office before her term is over is absurd. Now that she's surrendered her leadership position, she's only accountable to her constituents, not the gossip-obsessed preening prudes who constitute the Republican Senate Caucus.

Mike W.
Mike W.

I am not a fan of Sen. Koch, but this is an election year with a short session, and a redistricting year, so let her finish her time and be done with it.  Save the cost of a special election, which is not fair to burden the local governments.


uuuh.. You just described Koch.

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