Brock Lesnar pleads guilty to Canadian hunting violations

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Brock Lesnar is sorry for killing all your animals, Canada.
Brock Lesnar didn't fight the law, but the law won anyway.

The former UFC heavyweight champion and U of M wrestling standout pleaded guilty to improper tagging of an animal for shooting a mule deer buck in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In exchange, two other related charges were dropped.

In punishment, Lesnar was fined $1,725 and had his hunting license suspended for six months.

In a released statement, Lesnar apologized (sort of) for the mistake:

"In November 2010, I went on a filmed hunt in Alberta, CA. It was sponsored by Fusion Ammunition and guided by Trophy Hunters Alberta. In Alberta, Americans can't hunt without a licensed outfitter. The outfitter is there to make sure you follow the rules. I had two deer tags for the trip which meant I could legally shoot two deer. On the first day of the trip, I shot a mule deer. On the second day, I shot a white tail. Video from the hunt has been on the internet for over a year. After I shot the mule deer, I failed to immediately tag it. As far as I was involved, that's all there is to it.

Now it's resolved. I paid my fine today. It's the kind of thing that happens to hunters all the time. I want to thank the Canadian authorities for their cooperation in resolving this misunderstanding. I love Canada and I can't wait to go back to Alberta for a hunt."

He seems contrite toward Canada now, but Lesnar once blamed Canada's medical system for almost killing him after he fell ill with diverticulitis but was misdiagnosed with mono.

Lesnar is scheduled to fight K-1 Kickboxer Alistair Overeem on December 30 at UFC 141.


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This man is mad, I know he can pay all those fine. good thing that you revoked his license. Hope he did learn something from it.

Sheila from petit canapé  

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