Gov. Scott Walker: Recall election is likely

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Screen shot from CNBC.
Scott Walker welcomes a recall.
It's been little more than two weeks since foes of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker began petitioning for a recall, and they've already surpassed 300,000 signatures -- more than half of the 540,000 needed by the January 17 deadline.

If they keep progressing at this pace, a recall election will be inevitable. Even Walker says it's likely.

"My guess is they probably will" collect the necessary signatures, Walker told CNBC yesterday. "If you look at other states, if they pay 10,000 people to come in, which they can legally do, they'll probably get those signatures."

Walker made a lengthy list of enemies before he was even sworn into office. The push for a recall began shortly after he was elected, even though his opponents couldn't begin gathering signatures until November 15 of this year.

The anti-Walker movement hit the 300,000 mark after only 12 days of petitioning, according to its website, United Wisconsin to Recall Walker. From the site:

We are excited to announce that in the first 12 days, volunteers across the state have collected over 300,000 signatures to Recall Scott Walker. Over 300,000 signatures in 12 days-that is over 1,040 per hour!

Our work is not done yet, so to all of the passionate volunteers who have been collecting signatures throughout the state: Keep it up!!!

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The anti-Walker movement has until January to collect 540,000 signatures.
In the CNBC interview, Walker devalues the movement against him by pointing out that even if they do get the necessary signatures, it doesn't amount to the majority of Wisconsin voters.

"Their goal is to get about 670,000," he says. "And remember, that's still just a fraction, that's about 25 percent of all the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election. So minority voters will get to force a new election in Wisconsin. And assuming they're legitimate voters...that'll force a new election costing millions of dollars to the taxpayers this spring in Wisconsin."

But if it does come to that, Walker says he's ready. He's even welcoming the chance to brag about what he's done in Wisconsin so far this year.

"I look forward to that," he says. "I'd love to have the chance to talk to the voters of Wisconsin again, to tell that story. "

[HT: Politico]

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    Wow, Michelle why don't you be a little more of a bitch. You're really making a strong argument for your case. Oh wait, you're not, you're just being a bitch.


    Gov.Walker: Beat those Goverment workers and their cronys that signed the recall.Gov. you did the right think.I which the gov. in this state would slim Mn. down,but he's the other way'give more to alot of the people that don't want to work[NOT ALL ARE LIKE THAT, some really need help]

    Michelle Bachmann
    Michelle Bachmann

    It's great to see just how smart the typical Scott Walker supporter is.  Your amazing ability to almost make a sentence while almost spelling 50% of the words correctly really speaks to the intellectual capabilities of Scott Walker's supporters.  I think its really clear thinking on your part to praise Scott Walker for screwing over workers so he can give tax breaks to the richest 1%.     Since only the ultra rich spell and make sentences like you do I'm sure Scott Walker really benefited you these past few years. 


    yeah, he sure "did the right think...." I "which the gov." too.


    The only think you think about is if a person is a good speller,I not but it you want to be that way ,I 'll take you on math anytime.The sap test I took in Mid. school ,I was in the top 97% it the nation and most likely the bottom 97% in spelling.Thats how you rate someone.That shows how DUMB/Stupid ect. you are.Have a great life

    Michelle Bachmann
    Michelle Bachmann

    Oh no!   You are telling me you were the Good Will Hunting of middle school?   I take everything back.  Obviously you are a super genius with unmatched mental abilities.   I'm sure you are telling the truth because most smart people I meet are incapable of spelling things or making full sentences.   Please tell me more about how smart you were in middle school.   Did your mathematical brilliance manifest earlier?   How did you do on math tests in 3rd grade?   

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