Jared Allen knows how to stop Calvin Johnson: Optimus Prime

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Optimus Jared Allen is hoping to transform the Vikings into a winning team.
As the struggling Minnesota Vikings prepare to face the surging Detroit Lions this weekend, Jared Allen is thinking outside the box.

The biggest deep threat on the Lions is wide receiver Calvin Johnson, AKA Megatron (which is probably the coolest nickname in the NFL). So Jared Allen reached back to his youth for advice to offer the Vikings defensive coordinator.

"I would say if a guy's national nickname is Megatron, unless you've got Optimus Prime on your team ... let's double him up," Allen offers.

Of course, if Optimus Prime isn't available on waivers, and doubling him up doesn't stop Megatron, there's always a third option: Punch him in the weiner, dude.



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Cassandra lopez
Cassandra lopez

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