John Medeiros, Amy Koch gay apology author, answers his critics

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Amy Koch, who resigned from her GOP senate majority leadership position in the wake of an "inappropriate relationship" with a staffer, received the sarcastic apology from John Medeiros
John Medeiros -- who sarcastically apologized on behalf of the gay community to former Minnesota Senate Majority Amy Koch for ruining her traditional marriage and causing her to cheat with a subordinate staffer -- has written another letter revealing his intentions and answering his critics.

"First and foremost, my letter is a piece of satire," Medeiros explains for the humor-impaired. "I used the exact same arguments and the exact same language that have been used against the GLBT community since the marriage debate started."

Since the gay apology to Amy Koch was published last Thursday, it has gone, in the words of one Daily Kos diarist, "deliriously viral." It has been picked up by everyone from Gawker to the New York Daily News, and most recently appeared on Comedy Central.

Along the way, the gay apology has accumulated quite a few comments -- more than 1,170 at last count, as well as over 87,000 Likes on Facebook. While most of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been a few naysayers who questioned Medeiros.

Does he really have a right to speak for the entire GLBT community? they asked. Isn't it mean-spirited to kick Koch while she's down?

To quiet the critics, Medeiros has written another letter explaining his motives. We've also included an "About the Author" photo so the audience can see what he looks like.

Read the full response to critics on Page 2

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