Marcus Bachmann would fight gay marriage as the "first gentleman" [VIDEO]

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Ladies and other gentlemen, the First Gentleman.
Marcus Bachmann is through being the mute, often-unseen husband of presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. From now on, it's First Gentleman to you.

As his wife attempts to salvage her campaign by tearing through 99 Iowan counties in 10 days, the notoriously camera-shy Marcus emerged from the shadows with his own vision of life as the "first gentleman."

The basic gist: You won't find him planting some pinko garden like Michelle Obama. He's going to be fighting tooth and nail to keep gay people from getting married.

Michele was holding court in the back room of a restaurant when she invited her husband to speak late last week. He declined, thought about it for a while, then grabbed the mic to outline his plans for Washington D.C.

"Every first gentleman has an opportunity to have a cause," he says. "I've decided my cause is not going to be Happy Meals."

At the top of First Gentleman Bachmann's to-do list: promote the "family." Or, in layman's terms, squashing gay marriage, outlawing abortion and praising the Lord.


H/T: Dump Bachmann.

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"Marcus Bachmann would fight gay marriage as the 'first gentleman'"

Oh, I would LOVE to see this!  Can you just imagine it?

Marcus Bachmann vs. Gay Marriage in a Sissy Slap Fight to end ALL Sissy Slap Fights!

Someone call Don King!  We can promote it as: Marvelous Marcus, The SOB vs. The Rainbow Foe, GLBT!

Raymond Flanigan
Raymond Flanigan

god what a closet case weirdoi wanted to make up a fake name and say something clever but what can you do when the candidates are almost a perfect parody already?


Total hypocrite ! Marcus Bachmann IS GAY,, and he IS MARRIED !!


Because we all know gay marriage is the biggest threat to American security and prosperity.

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