MN GOP Secretary-Treasurer David Sturrock resigns

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Sturrock wriggles out of the stirrups.
The almost-unwatchable train-wreck that is the Minnesotan Republican Party wrecks onward.

Last night, Secretary Treasurer David Sturrock tendered his resignation, effective January 19. In his barbed letter to other Republicans, Sturrock seems to indicate that his decision was triggered by today's announcement that the party is about $2 million in debt, largely in part due to the gubernatorial recount process.

"I was neither consulted nor informed about the attorney's regarding 2010 recount costs," he writes.

Sturrock had been questioned about the mounting debt in the past and was adamant that the GOP is not responsible for the costs associated with the unsuccessful bid to reverse Governor Mark Dayton's victory with a recount. However, recent events have shown that not only is the party perhaps on the hook for $717,000 dollars, former GOP chair Tony Sutton may have hidden that fact from other party officials.

Sturrock seems to throw a bomb Sutton's way in his letter, as well as to irresponsible Republican tweeters, rumor mongers, and late-night talk show-callers. They know who they are:

December 30, 2011

Dear Republican Friend:

I am writing to inform you I will be resigning as Secretary-Treasurer of the Republican Party of Minnesota, effective upon the selection of my successor or January 19th, whichever occurs first.

The first and biggest job facing our new Chairman and Deputy Chair is to regain the confidence of activists, donors and voters in our ability to manage party finances. To that end I can offer continuity, experience and institutional memory, but our constituencies will be more interested in clear signs of rebuilding and renewal. A new Secretary-Treasurer will send a powerful message that such change is underway.

Given the work we face the party would do well to have a Secretary-Treasurer who can be present at key meetings, especially those called on short notice. This is a tall order when one lives 160 miles from RPM headquarters. Also, we would benefit from having someone with significant financial management experience. My departure will create the opportunity for such new leaders to emerge.

If future Secretary-Treasurers are to be meaningful assets to the Republican Party they will need to be informed more fully, and consulted more frequently, than has the been case over the past few administrations. In particular, they need to know when the party is entering into major financial commitments. For example, I was neither consulted nor informed about the attorney's regarding 2010 recount costs. Also, the unreported obligations indentified by the current financial review were not known to me. If this resignation ensures that future Secretary-Treasurers receive the access and authority their position merits, then my departure will be a sacrifice happily borne.

A final thought: Never forget you are leaders in the Republican Party. Among other things, leadership means respect, courtesy, and self-restraint. Before you fire off a barbed e-mail or Facebook post, send a snarky tweet, leak a wild, unconfirmed rumor to the press, or phone in your fury to a late-night radio show, ask yourself: "Will this help build my party? Will it advance the conservative agenda?" If the answers are no, stop there. If it feels good, don't do it.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your Secretary-Treasurer. I am grateful for the chance to be part of our many recent accomplishments. Rest assured I will always be ready to answer the bell and help elect Republicans who will bring strong, principled conservative leadership to a state and country which deeply need them.


David E. Sturrock

We welcome you all to play a game of connect the innuendo, especially "If it feels good, don't do it." Yeesh.

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Wait did he just say not to snark off to the press in a press release that is full of bitter snark.


Does anybody really think this financial mess will have an impact on electoral success next November?  I doubt it will make any damn difference.


Sutton's argument that the MNGOP is not responsible for the recount legal fees is a prime example of Republican weasel tactics. He claims that a private corporation, Count Them All Properly Inc (CTAP), is responsible for the fees. Essentially, he is claiming that that the MNGOP had nothing to do with the recount, and that the Party was merely a shill for CTAP.

Of course, CTAP has no money. It relies on 'donations' from Republicans, who don't feel as if they should pay the bill if they lose. This is apparently an odd case where Republicans do not see corporations as people, because it offers hope of screwing over people who did work for them. Of course, Sutton is holding out the cynical hope that, years later, generous people will step forward and pay the bills, so the attorneys should just be a bit more patient.

By taking this position, the MNGOP is screwing over former MNSC justice Eric Magnuson and recount specialist attorney Michael Toner. The Party basically just ensured that they will not have the best talent on their side in any future recount efforts. And the local law firm Trimble and Associates is getting cheated out of most of the money, so nobody should expect prime legal talent to work for the MNGOP on anything other than a cash-in-advance basis. How can the MNGOP even expect to find attorneys willing to defend them against judgements from Trimble's lawsuits?

All in all, this is going to disadvantage the MNGOP with basic logistical challenges throughout the 2012 campaign. Expect vendors to be very reluctant to accept contracts, purchase orders, and even checks written by the State Party or any surrogate corporations. The word is out, even though Sutton is also out.


Geez!  And right after I updated my Field Guide to Minnesota Republican Factionalism!  Grumble, grumble, mutter....


that wasn't a press release; it was a resignation letter.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

It would be really sad if it made no difference.   Anyone that voted Republican needs to wake up and take a look at these clowns.   Republicans aren't fit to run a SuperAmerica much less the government.   Vote DFL in 2012.


Yeah, we'll go back to being a blue state regardless.

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