The MNGOP All-Scandal Team: Can't anybody here play this game?

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Put your hands together and make some noise for your MNGOP Scandal starting line-up!
After it was revealed that the Vikings lead all NFL teams in arrests, we published a satirical post entitled "Meet the Vikings All-Arrested Team."

Although no one has been arrested (unless you count expired tabs), the MNGOP has lately been giving the Vikings a run for their money when it comes to embarrassing revelations. The constant Parade of Fail brings to mind Mets manager Casey Stengel's oft-quoted statement about the 1962 season: "Can't anybody here play this game?"

In that spirit, we hereby present the MNGOP All-Scandal Team.

Amy Koch: The Senate Majority Leader was a leading light for the MNGOP until she suddenly and mysteriously resigned the position last week. Turns out she had been confronted by fellow Republican about an "inappropriate relationship" with a direct subordinate, which didn't look good for a party intent on defending the sanctity of marriage by banning gay unions. The details of the dalliance have leaked out in a slow trickle, but one thing is already certain: Koch made a giant ass out of herself.

Michael Brodkorb.jpg
Michael Brodkorb: Widely rumored to be the other half of Koch's "inappropriate relationship," Brodkorb was met by security at the Capitol and told to pack his bags. It must have been a familiar feeling, because his wife called 911 on him in June after his angry outbursts scared her and their three children. Brodkorb once ruled from the bully pulpit of "Minnesota Democrats Exposed," but now he's the one who has been caught with his pants down.

Tony Sutton: The larger-than-life face of the MNGOP resigned his post at the start of the month in the face of a mounting bills. The party of fiscal responsibility had driven itself a half-million dollars into debt after challenging the results of the governor's race, and Sutton was taking a salary for the position he'd once done for free, which probably had something to do with the failure of his taco business. It may be time to make a run for the border, if he can scrounge up enough change to pay the tolls.

Brandon Sawalich: He was the front-runner to take over for Sutton as the MNGOP chair, until he withdrew his name last Friday after being arrested and fingerprinted at the airport for having expired vehicle tabs. It hardly seemed like a career-ending scandal, until it emerged that Sawalich had settled a sexual harassment suit in 2003. Sawalich had allegedly offered a subordinate career advancement in exchange for sex, which probably wouldn't have played well in the wake of The Koch Affair

Mike Osskopp: Mike, we hardly knew ye! Osskopp threw his hat in the ring for the MNGOP chair via Twitter last Thursday and was considered the front-runner after Sawalich dropped out. Yesterday, a video of Osskopp yelling about "Jap cars" circulated on the internet, and he withdrew from the running, opting to support Pat Shortridge. The video was tame in comparison to the other scandals that have rocked the MNGOP, but Osskopp may have realized the long knives were out and decided to escape before a pound of flesh was extracted.

The MNGOP with elect a new Majority Leader to replace Koch next Tuesday. Who will be the last one standing?


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Daniel F Boone
Daniel F Boone

  Have no idea who the GOP will pick for their new leader but apparently they're having trouble finding someone without an arrest record or a set of house keys without rug burns.


Ha ha, Sen Koch has a big a$$ and entered into an inappropriate relationship, therefore she made a big a$$ of herself. Fat joke = Fail

Dipper Well
Dipper Well

The party of fiscal responsibility had driven itself a half-million dollars into debt

update: the most recent estimate of the Republican Party of Minnesota's outstanding unpaid debt is about $1.25 million.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Sorry, but who are you and where does your info come from?

I spoke with the MNGOP Central Committee last Tuesday, and their numbers show a Debt of just over 1/2 million dollars.  Most of this is owed to MNGOP vendors.(Funny how citypages actually got that number, close enough for me to call right)

Tony was pressured into resigning, because of inaccurate FEC filings, in which Tony signed off on.   Their "asset" filing was "incomplete" and may result in a fine from the FEC.One of those inaccurate asset filings, was a loan in the amount of 200k from Aug 2010.Tony was in a position to oversee all this, and he blew it!

Here is a learning moment people -For years we were all misled into believing the GOP is this political machine with DEEP CORPORATE POCKETS.Well how could this be, when the expenditures decreased over the last few years, and yet they run a debt?Where is all this assumed corporate cash people?



You spoke with MNGOP Central.....DAMAGE-CONTROL and they also fed you the Right-Wing Coolaid (and you swallowed) bout 2Million and counting?????? Its not for lack of deep Corporate Pockets, but just plain old fashioned "Gross Mismanagement", other wise known as "Corruption"     Keep up the good work, as i'm enjoying the house of cards implodeing.ha ha ha:::::::: J.R.M.

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

So I guess what you're saying is that the $38 million spent in 2010 by American Crossroads doesn't count. Likewise the $31 million spent by the Chamber of Commerce, $25 million spent by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, $15 million from the American Action Network, etc., that none of these third-party money distributors count? (Because millions of those dollars did pour into Minnesota races!)

Tony Sutton's problem was that Gov. Bridgefail took the deep corporate pockets with him when he ran for President, leaving the state party in the lurch with a fool in charge. The result is a Republican party so mired in scandal and incompetence that they have to rely on anonymous "jerks" to defend them in comment threads.

And Tony Sutton didn't take charge in a beerhall putsch — Republicans statewide voted for him to be their leader. What does that say about Minnesota Republicans' ability to make sound judgments?


So now Kirk the Conservative Jerk changes the subject to talk about the Democrats and Obama.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

So now we're going National?I was talking about the MNGOP, but OK.Since you want to look under that rock, I find it very interesting that you would leave out the largest of the donors, which mostly gave to the democrats.

Democrats Receive 89 Percent of Donations Made by Four Top Political Donors

From opensecrets. org -"Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012"

The recently released study of “heavy hitters” by the Center for responsible Politics showed the amount of money the top 140 political donors gave to Democrats and Republicans from 1989 through 2010. Four of the top six gave $170 million over that period, with $151 million going to Democrats, and less than $3 million going to Republicans (the difference going to unaffiliated or independent political groups). In simple math, Democrats received 89 percent while Republicans got less than two percent.The top all-time political donor is ActBlue, which calls itself “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action,” and claims to have raised nearly $200 million since its founding in 2004 in order to “support thousands of Democratic candidates across the nation.”

Don't forget about the NEA  (national education ass) Yeah, "it's for the kids."

What?"Well that doesn't compute with my brainwashing", says Mark.So mark, do those numbers count?

So, which party has the "Big money" influence?Isn't Obama expected to spend over 1 billion for the 2012 election?Lets see who spends more...

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