Protesters stage sit-ins at congressional offices, demand meetings over economy

Michele Bachmann's office has protesters in it
Minnesotans representing the 99% are staging sit-ins at their congressional representatives' offices in Washington.

The protesters arrived at the offices of Michele Bachmann, Chip Cravaack, John Kline, and Erik Paulsen earlier this morning to demand meetings about extending unemployment benefits and passing President Obama's jobs bill.

So far, the group has had some success meeting with legislators: Kline came out to the lobby and spoke with them earlier this morning, so they've left his office. The other congressional offices remain under occupation.

Rod Huinker, a semi-retiree from Red Wing, led the delegation to Kline's office.

John Kline was cordial with protesters
Huinker said Kline was "very cordial" and listened to the protesters address their concerns.

"I told him who I was and told him the group here were all Minnesotan, and we were concerned about two key issues: unemployment extension and the jobs bill," Huinker said.

Kline told the protesters he was in favor of extending unemployment benefits but without raising taxes, then left after an aide told him he was "due for a meeting."

Meanwhile, the protests at Bachmann, Cravaack's and Paulsen's offices continue.

"We're sitting here in Paulsen's office, waiting to be heard," Jenny Carpenter, a protester from St. Paul, tells City Pages. "99% of the people need jobs and need healthcare."

Carpenter's message for Paulsen is to address the crummy economy.

"I would say that we need jobs. We need jobs in Minnesota," Carpenter said. "They need to vote on extending unemployment benefits. Nobody's getting a job tomorrow."

The protesters say they plan to stay until their voices are heard by their legislators.

"We are at this point saying we will stay until they agree to talk to us," said Kevin Whelan, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy spokesman, who helped organize the trip.

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Keep working for that same system that holds you down. Either side you choose you lose.

Also, like Marcus Bachman, you have an unhealthy obsession with everything Republican. Maybe you are actually as Republican as he is gay.

Happy ponderings.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

All Republicans vote in lock step.   Minnesota needs to step up and kick these idiot bums out.   We need to get rid of all the Republican idiots in the statehouse for downgrading our state's credit.   Then we need to get rid of the Republican bums in Congress.   John Kline and Erik Paulsen are exactly the same as Michele Bachmann except they are too boring to get on TV and say stupid things.    Americans need to hold the Republicans responsible for being the party of lockstep idiots dedicated to doing anything to oppose Obama no matter how much it hurts this country.   I'm so sick of these asshole Republicans putting the richest 1% above the people.  I'd love to hear the idiot lying excuses of you scumbag Republican trolls why Republicans won't extend the payroll tax.    Republicans only care about protecting the richest 1% even if it means raising everyone else's taxes.  How do you like those property tax increases so that the richest 1% won't have to pay a little more in income tax Republican idiots?  

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

The stupidest thing a person can say these days is that Republicans and Democrats are the same.   Whenever anyone says such a thing you can immediately know they are a complete idiot.    Obama has passed healthcare reform, saved the American auto industry, shot Bin Laden, and ended don't ask don't tell.   Bush passed Medicare Part D which was a huge give away to the pharmaceutical companies,  caused the economic collapse with his idiotic policies, allowed Bin Laden to live free for 7 years, and used gay people as a political tool to rile up bigots in our society to win elections.   Right now as we speak Obama is trying to give the 99% a tax break but Republicans won't pass it because they don't want to raise taxes on the richest 1%.    The Republicans never would have accomplished anything that I gave Obama credit for including killing Bin Laden. 

Anyway everyone already knows you are stupid so you need to shut up and stop posting here until you learn something.   Remember how stupid you looked trying to talk about Global Warming?    Remember how like an idiot you brought up global cooling and a smart liberal slapped you down like the stupid child you are?    I seem to recall you didn't post after that because it was so obvious you were stupid. Why didn't you respond to the woman that disproved your stupid point?   Was it because you aren't a very smart person and had no real response because you learn everything from Fox News?    Anyone that says Republicans and Democrats are the same is an idiot Republican who can't defend what the Republicans are doing yet is too stupid to ever change his mind.  


I post a lot, I must have forgotten to check back on that one. Again, the earth was warmer before the time of man than it is at present. Ice core samples show this. We have experienced heavy climate fluctuation of late, but to suggest it is man made based on very little is as assinine as any creation myth, it's the same thought pattern. The global cooling scare was a great propaganda tool, just like man made global warming. The only difference this time is they paid scientists to endorse it and it's far better organized.

Do you actually go back and read your posts? What a prissy little bitch you are. All you do is name call from your throne of filth. You buy whatever is sold, never question, and sleep through life. I don't have time or patience enough to debunk all that idiocy you spouted about what Obama has done. But the one that REALLY pops out is you actually believe the whole bin laden thing was real.

When one debates an idiot they always lose. I digress.

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