Take Back the Capitol protests end today

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Take Back the Capitol wound down today
A week of action in Washington wound down today as the 99% made another push for legislation benefiting unemployed people.

Earlier this week, protesters occupied several congressional offices, including Michele Bachmann's, and shut down K Street. The group's been pushing for extended unemployment benefits in the bad economy.

One protester says it's been a "powerful" week for the 99%.

"The most beautiful thing I have seen is poor people with hope," says Grace Bowman, an unemployed woman from south Minneapolis.

Protesters marched from the National Mall to the capitol where they displayed a banner proclaiming, "99% Take Back the Capitol."

Grace Bowman is unemployed and speaking out about the bad economy
The day's action was less dramatic than those from earlier in the week.

Bowman joined a group of 99 unemployed protesters in a march after the capitol assembly to the Longworth Office Building, where House Speaker John Boehner's office is.

The group never got to speak with Boehner but, if they had, would've asked Boehner to extend unemployment benefits.

"The specific thing we want is the unemployment benefits extension to be passed," said Bowman. "That's what we wanted to be able to say: please get to a vote on the floor for the unemployment benefits."

Today was the last day of the action.

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