Zachary Nayquonabe, banished Ojibwe member, arrested back on reservation

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Zachary Nayquonabe illustrates a fundamental problem with banishment on the Mille Lacs Ojibwe reservation.
In our November 9 cover story, "The Banishing," we examined violent crime on the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe reservation, and law enforcement's struggle to control it.

In 2008, in an attempt to rid repeat offenders from the reservation, the tribal court issued its first modern banishment order. Legally called "exclusion," the order casts a band member off trust land for at least five years. Or at least that's the idea.

In Mille Lacs, police have found it difficult to actually enforce the exclusion orders; of the five people who have been banished so far, all but one has been arrested back on the reservation.

And as Zachary Nayquonabe exemplified last week, the struggle is ongoing.

Nayquonabe was arrested for fighting on the reservation last Tuesday, more than three years after being banished from the reservation for his part in a series of carjackings. Nayquonabe was so high on crack when police arrived, two stun guns couldn't even bring him down.

Tribal police arrived at a house on the reservation after receiving a report of a disturbance involving a knife, according to the complaint. The cops could hear the sound of dogs barking behind the house, and when they went back to investigate, they found Zachary's brother Victor, 25, trying to escape through a back window.

Nayquonabe Zachary.jpg
Nayquonabe joked about how little time he'd received for previous crimes, according to police.
Inside, police found Zachary, 23, who refused to show the officers his hands. He appeared "agitated and upset," according to the report, and defied seven commands to get down on the floor, replying that he "wasn't getting on the ground for anybody."

Zachary was standing near his mother and Victor's young child, so tackling him was too risky, police said. Instead, they shot him twice with stun guns and were able to bring him to the ground soon afterward.

Once Zachary was detained, his mother explained she was sitting in her room earlier that night when she heard a loud noise. She walked out to find Victor about to strike Zachary with a dumbbell. She took the dumbbell away, and Zachary threatened to go get a knife.

The officers tried to get a statement from Zachary, but he said he'd been smoking crack and was "too faded." As he sat in the back of the police car en route to jail, Zachary joked about how little prison time he'd received for past crimes, and that he should have killed a tribal police investigator, because he "would have only got 12 months for it."

Zachary was charged with felony domestic assault, brawling, and obstructing the legal process. For violating the exclusion order, he was punished with a mere trespassing citation -- the third one he's received since he was banished in August 2008.

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    Fuck all u hatterz we out here tho n/m jus kno dat


    Great idea.  Brag about how little time you received as you're getting arrested.  This dude needs to get beat up or serve real time.


    Really NM?? You bring shame to Native People. Seriously Dude read your comment to yourself. You sound so fucking RETARDED! "jus kno dat"

    Michelle Bachmann
    Michelle Bachmann

    Yeah he is scum but its sad how hopeless and fucked up he is.   We need to do more to make sure less Ojibwe kids turn out like this. 


    It all stems from the Violence against our women, Child molestation and In breeding that goes on and everyone tries hiding. Its just Karma Slapping our people in the Face saying, "Hello, wake up this is a war zone". We all know someone that has done it, our Grandfathers have done it and it keeps going on and on. Then give us hand outs to reward us for bad behavior, we just start expecting everything handed to us. The white man was wrong by taking our land, But that's how it was centuries ago. Now big government has stepped in and really made a mess out of things once again. Inbreeding is the reproduction from the mating of two genetically related parents. Inbreeding results in increased homozygosity, which can increase the chances of offspring being affected by recessive or deleterious traits. This generally leads to a decreased fitness of a population, which is called inbreeding "depression". Its not my place to judge, but our actions have compelled a higher power to judge and its sad to see that everyone keeps acting like nothing is going on. The "Per Capita" we receive is "Dirty" money that is generated from a gambling demon that has corrupted many people and takes advantage of this sin, but no one cares as long as we get our money. We all get this money handed to us and continue to rip people off, which is a greed demon that has spread nationwide. So now there are about a dozen Demons running wild and free to do whatever they want. Now the Gangs / Terrorists!!! are the repercussion from our children that were taught to keep their mouths shut and shown no love unless daddy was drunk and horny, So who stood up for these children, Gitchi Manidoo and he can only let so much of this go on before he releases his wrath and we're seeing it first hand. So this is only going to get worse since everyone is concerned about per cap and not the future of our people. We have no motivation to better ourselves, we get jobs handed to us and think we wont be fired cause we're Native, which is true but that's what we're taught. So here you go all you elders, you just reaped what you sowed. How many more are we going to lose before we realize the cycle isn't working. Show this to all the elected officials and see if they continue the *hush-hush* don't talk to the media or actually care about our people or just their beloved dollar that continues to bring our people down. Cut our Per Cap and invest it in creating Jobs, Awareness, Hope, Education and Religion as this is the only way to break the vicious cycle that we have created for ourselves.

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