Amy Koch rankles Republicans, confirms she won't seek reelection

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Amy Koch: After waffling a bit, today she reaffirmed she won't be seeking reelection this year.
Some of the comments Amy Koch made during her recent media blitz haven't sat well with her Republican colleagues.

Last week, Koch told the Star Tribune that when a group of Republican senators confronted her about an inappropriate relationship she was having with a staffer (rumored to be Michael Brodkorb), it was like being "punched in the face."

But today, Republican Senator David Hann of Eden Prairie took issue with Koch's analogy.

Hann told the Pioneer Press that "if anybody got punched in the face, it was the [GOP] caucus."

"We had a positive duty and obligation to do those things," he said, adding that those who think Republican senators handled the situation badly would be right "only if you think that covering something up is a good idea."

Despite saying in mid-December that she wouldn't run for reelection this year, Koch appeared to leave the door open a bit during the Star Tribune interview. Though no quotes to that effect were attributed to her, reporter Baird Helgeson wrote that Koch "says she may run for re-election."

But Koch shot that possibility down during an interview today with MPR, reaffirming that she won't seek reelection to her Senate seek.

Despite her attempt to acknowledge responsibility for the affair, Koch couldn't resist playing the woe-is-me card a bit during the MPR interview, characterizing the affair and its fallout as an "unbelievably difficult situation" that was thrust upon her her rather than as something she brought upon herself.

She said:
Koch: Rumored affair with Brodkorb an "unbelievably difficult situation." We're sure he appreciates that characterization.
I bear responsibility for this, but it's really hard. I mean it's something that I would never wish on anybody. So, you make a decision then when something this difficult happens, you have to kind of make a decision to pick yourself. It's actually a conscious choice that you have to make to say all right, I'm going to pick myself up and move forward.
Senator Hann suggested that the lack of accountability Koch displayed during the Strib interview raise "issues of trust and whether or not we can work together." Fortunately for him and other Republicans, it appears they will only have to deal with her for one more legislative session.

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District voter
District voter

"Senator Hann suggested that the lack of accountability Koch displayed during the Strib interview raise "issues of trust and whether or not we can work together."

Koch did appear as lacking accountability in that article and, as a voter in her district, I have difficulty with her decision to finish out her term and continue to collect her hefty salary and reimbursed expenses.

T Blackford
T Blackford

Her and Brodkorb should both be (metaphorically, of course) punched in the face for putting the MN community in the sick position of having to see their picture next to the word 'affair,' with all the imaginative imagery that implies. I'd rather think of my toaster having an affair with a waffle. ANYTHING but what we have to see. Yes, it is difficult to ruin your marriage and then whine about it yourself: that's why most people with integrity don't do either part of that equation.

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