New poll: Bachmann, Pawlenty unpopular with Minnesotans

Pawlenty better hope Minnesotans change their minds about him if he ever hopes to hold elected office again.
The ill-fated presidential campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty cost them the support of Minnesotans.

That's the conclusion that emerges from recent polling conducted by Public Policy Polling, a respected polling firm based in Raleigh.

Sometimes, familiarity really does breed contempt. Especially when the folks you're getting familiar with are ambition-driven political chameleons and/or right-wing nut jobs.

The poll found that Bachmann comes home to only a 34 percent favorability rating, with 57 percent of Minnesota voters seeing her negatively. Only 37 percent of state voters think she should run for reelection to her House seat, while 57 percent believe she should scram.

As PPP puts it, "Pawlenty's numbers are better, but not by much." 39 percent have a favorable rating of him, compared to 50 percent with a negative one. His favorability rating matches the percentage of Minnesota voters who say they would vote for him for a statewide office, while 61 percent say they definitely would not.

In a summary of the poll, PPP writes:
Perhaps a triumphant return to the school board is an option?
For both Bachmann and Pawlenty the most logical next move would be a run for the US Senate. But their prospects in a bid wouldn't be very good for either this year or 2014. In hypothetical 2012 match ups, Pawlenty and Bachmann trail Amy Klobuchar by margins of 54-39 and 58-35 respectively. They do a little better against Al Franken in prospective 2014 bids with Pawlenty down 49-43 and Bachmann trailing 54-39.
Since they're so unpopular statewide, maybe Bachmann and Pawlenty can go back to their local roots -- Bachmann as a school board member in Stillwater, and Pawlenty as a member of Eagan's city council. Then again, perhaps it isn't a foregone conclusion they'd still be able to get elected to those offices.

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Only 16% of the State electorate consider themselves to be "very conservative", and that's the base that Pawlenty and Bachmann have tied themselves to.

85% of the "very conservative" voters have a favorable view of Bachmann; 66% for Pawlenty. Those numbers drop off quickly outside of that demographic, however.

Only 56% of those who self-identify as "somewhat conservative" have a favorable opinion of Bachmann.

Bachmann loses "moderates" by more than 50 points; Pawlenty by more than 20.

These are two polarizing candidates who win a majority in a combined 38% demographic - "somewhat" and "very conservative". On top of that, Bachmann loses women by more than 2 to 1, with Pawlenty losing them by nearly twenty points. And that's about how Independent voters break down, too.

Outside of their relatively narrow base, these are two hopeless candidates on a statewide level. These are numbers similar to Mark Kennedy's totals in 2006, and these two may destined to the scrap heap along with him.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"unpopular with Minnesotans"  Are these Minnesotan's who reside within Minneapolis?The very same Minneapolis residents, which according to the 2009 census, 20% over the age of 25 years of age DO NOT have a high school diploma?Oh, that's right, your opinions don't matter when it comes to Michele.

Perhaps someone should poll the people of Minnesota's 6th district.Those are the only people who matter to the reelection of Michele Bachmann.The rest of ya can just sit and spin on your bitter and bias little thumbs...


Bachmann was defeated in her attempt to win a school board seat in District 834 (Stillwater Area Scools).

Marcus Bachmann
Marcus Bachmann

I don't know if that handsome Mr. Pawlenty has a dog, but I'd be happy to find it some accessories.


Bachmann should go back to doing what she does best: straitjacket model.

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Not News: "New poll: Bachmann, Pawlenty unpopular with Minnesotans"

News: "New poll: Bachmann, Pawlenty unpopular with Minnesotans with a reading level below 6th grade"

Is LIB-RAL ELITEZZZZ already a gang? Can it be? May I be Minister of Post Secondary Educationz?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Just curious since you are a strong Bachmann supporter who doesn't even make $30,000.   Where did you go to college and what did you study?  Keep in mind Glen Beck University doesn't count. 


This is the same blanket argument that you pull out whenever polls say something that doesn't fit your views. You don't even look at the methodology or the demographics. This poll had an even larger sample (1,236) than their June 2011 poll. The D/R/I of the sample was 36/33/32, which is virtually spot on. D/R/I is the percentage of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the sample.

PPP is very accurate (ten times less bias than Rasmussen), and they nailed the recent SC primary. They polled the race at 40-26 (Gingrich leading) in their final night, and the results were 40-28.

Kirk wrote:"Perhaps someone should poll the people of Minnesota's 6th district."

PPP doesn't poll Congressional districts because it's too difficult to determine by area code if someone is in a particular district or not. Of course, it took Bachmann THREE elections to win a bare majority in a district that should go Republican by 14 points (per the Cook PVI rating).

Kirk: "Those are the only people who matter to the reelection of Michele Bachmann."

Well, the June poll showed that the plurality of *Minnesota Republicans* wanted Bachmann to run for statewide office against Klobuchar, so this poll dealt with her chances in that race.

This poll puts to rest the myth that there is any kind of substantial support for Bachmann in the rest of the State. Consider that 22% of Republicans and 59% of Independents have an unfavorable opinion of her. 29% of those who consider themselves "somewhat conservative" think Bachmann should not run for the House again. And 22% of those who voted for McCain in 2008 think she should not run, either. So it's not just "liberals" who are getting tired of her. She's a punchline, and the national primaries proved that even Republicans think she's a joke.

And the metro area is about 60% of the electorate, by the way. She only won 52% of the vote among "the people that matter", which is roughly 6.5% of the State's electorate. She's not blowing anyone's mind with her "wingnut truth ", and she's just 1 out of 435 Reps.


They were polling statewide, so guess what, Minneapolitans get a say too. Apparently, outside a very conservative district, she hasn't a hope.

Besides, no point in asking the 6th about reelecting her until redistricting.


Yes, conservatives are much smarter than liberals. Explains that pack of presidential candidates who were obviously chosen for how much they value brains.

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