City Pages re-design: The details behind our new look

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Mike Kooiman
Among other changes, the re-design removes the box from around the City Pages logo on the cover.
This year's redesign of City Pages is its first since 2001, when the paper's current logo was introduced, along with all new typographic styling.

The logo remains mostly unchanged, but gone is its bounding box, which had only served to close off the letter forms from the rest of the cover elements.

Our new look doesn't attempt so much to reinvent the wheel as it does to freshen up its general appeal, and to adjust the typography to accommodate the demands of today's print publishing market.

From the top, you'll notice that the bulky issue information has been minimized. Also, we've changed the date displayed to indicate a range of days covered by the issue's content. We like knowing that a reader can see a glance if they are indeed reading the current week's edition. This is reflected inside on the "folio" as well.


Right inside, the table of contents now offers more glimpses at the visual content to come. We generally like to feature local art/artists in this space, which the new format still allows while adding an opportunity for other unused gems from the week's news and events.


In terms of navigation, the paper now features a more consistent system of headers, which quickly clues the reader in to the current section (Food, Film, Music, etc.).


It's no secret that newspapers are smaller these days. Our new listings style uses a condensed typeface that allows for more listings within the limited space.

The re-designed City Pages is on stands now, so pick it up and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Looks awesome!  Really great work.


I've adjusted to the new website layout except that there aren't links to the national Village Voice blogs like Topless Robot, Joystick Division etc.  Please re-add them somewhere

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

You might want to fix the glitch that makes the word Nation (in blue) appear in the top left corner on all your web pages.

Good luck with this. I know Karl went crazy doing the last redesign and somehow I doubt HTML has gotten any easier to work with since then.

Some Idiot
Some Idiot

love Love LOVE teh web LAyOuT! ftw lol

Daniel Loftus
Daniel Loftus

Seconded!!!! on the HATE for the web layout. 


The print redesign looks great... HATE the new web layout, though.

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