Easter Egg Hunt: Find the journalists hidden on this week's City Pages cover

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Ken Avidor snuck a few surprises in his illustrations for this week's Bachmann cover story.
This week's cover story, "The Fall of Michele Bachmann," features illustrations by local artist and author Ken Avidor, who also chronicled the Tom Petters trial for City Pages through comic strips a couple years ago.

As usual with Avidor, there's more than first meets the eye to his Bachmann art.

Hidden behind Michele and Marcus, amid the masses of drooling Bachmannites and a hatchet-wielding Ed Rollins, Avidor slipped in a few other familiar faces from the campaign trail.

Here's the story's main artwork:

Art by Ken Avidor.

If you look closely, you might notice Steve Brown of Fox News about to be embraced by an unsavory looking fellow. Don Lemon, the CNN anchor who was allegedly manhandled by Bachmann's security this summer, is getting a firm palm to the face. Kathie Obradovich of the Des Moines Register appears to be riding a pig, while Ripple in Stillwater's Karl Bremer is trying to get a close-up shot. Even yours truly is hidden in the chaos, innocently trying to capture the hectic scene in my notebook.

Here's the image again, with names of the hidden journos flashing over them every few seconds:


Another illustration from the story features Ed Rollins, Bachmann's former campaign manager who defected in September. Rollins had some harsh words about Team Bachmann on his way out the door, which explains the hatchet.

Art by Avidor.

The journalists surrounding Rollins are cartoon versions Mother Jones's Tim Murphy, Michelle Goldberg of the Daily Beast, and The Awl's Abe Sauer:

For more from Avidor, check out his studio's website.

The Bachmann file:

  • Michele Bachmann quits presidential race
  • Cover: The Fall of Michele Bachmann
  • Michele Bachmann bombs in Iowa caucus, finishes in sixth place
  • Marcus Bachmann: The City Pages Interview

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