Michele Bachmann running for reelection this November

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After all, what would an election cycle be without Michele?
Just a day after new polling indicated she's less popular in Minnesota than ever, Michele Bachmann announced she will seek a fourth term in the U.S. House this November.

The Public Policy Polling poll showed that she has a 34/57 favorable/unfavorable split with Minnesota voters, and only 37 percent of Minnesotans think she should seek reelection.

For her sake, she better hope a good chunk of that 37 percent live in the 6th congressional district.

During an interview with the Associated Press this morning, Bachmann said she's looking forward to "coming back and bringing a strong powerful voice" to Washington. More specifically, she's looking to bring a strong, powerful, insane voice.

It remains to be seen which congressional district Bachmann will be running to represent. A panel of judges are set to issue redistricting maps late next month. The DFL's favored map shows Bachmann's Stillwater residence in the congressional district, setting up what could be a tough election battle with longtime St. Paul representative Betty McCollum.

In any event, we here at City Pages are happy to learn that we won't have to endure the 2012 election season without our Michele.

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check out Rollering Stones article,  School of Hate.  She's got her own Talibon going and to think she could spread her decease futher.  1st kids bullied into suicide, she may as well have her little group stone everyone they don't agree with or approve of

Marcus Bachmann
Marcus Bachmann

Come on everybody...don't get down on here!  Wait until you see the new outfits I have for Boomer!


Because she has done SO much for her congressional district during her terms. Ack. 


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she's still considered a lock due to the um...nuttiness...of her district.  Don't get your hopes up too much, folks.


Joy. Let's see if the DFL can manage not to screw it up this time around.

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