Romney, along with possible running mate T-Paw, will be in Eagan tomorrow

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Mitt will make his first appearance in Minnesota this campaign season tomorrow.
Attention, one percenters -- Mitt Romney will be in Eagan tomorrow.

The GOP presidential frontrunner will appear in the St. Paul suburb Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the headquarters of the Freightmasters trucking company.

If that isn't enough to get you excited, perhaps this will --  Romney will be appearing with none other than Minnnesota's favorite son, former governor and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty.

Four year later, could T-Paw get his revenge on Palin and end up as Romney's running mate?
In an editorial published a week ago, the Washington Post characterized Pawlenty as Romney's "attack dog" and speculated that Pawlenty could end up as Romney's vice presidential running mate.

T-Paw's come a long way since he buried his own presidential ambitions by refusing to attack "ObamneyCare" during a debate last spring, hasn't he?

Anyway, tomorrow's event is invite-only, so those of you interested in seeing the possible Romney-Pawlenty ticket in the flesh may have to wait until the GOP primaries come to a merciful conclusion and the inevitable Romney-Obama duel begins.

Minnesota's GOP caucus happens one week from today. Though last week's polls showed Newt Gingrich with a commanding lead, that could change after tonight's Florida primary, where Romney is expected to crush by over a dozen percentage points.

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