Mpls, St. Paul, and Duluth city councils come out against marriage amendment

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Minnesota's big cities are united in opposition to the marriage amendment, but it's a different story outstate.
The cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth have all come out against the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that will go before Minnesota voters this November.

Last night, the St. Paul City Council (minus Council Member Dan Bostrom, who was absent) unanimously approved a resolution stating that the city council joins "a broad coalition of organizations, community and business leaders, faith, labor, progressive and nonpartisan organizations; communities of color; and current and former elected officials" all of whom have come together to defeat the amendment.

The Duluth City Council passed a similar resolution in last month, as did the Minneapolis City Council's Committee of the Whole earlier today.

While three of the state's four largest cities are now in the open about their opposition to the amendment, a Star Tribune poll from November indicates that the state is evenly divided between those who support banning gay marriage and those who don't.

The poll found that 48 percent of Minnesotans favor the amendment, which asks voters whether only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota, compared to 43 percent who oppose it. But since the margin of error was 4.4 percent, the split might be even closer than the poll indicates.

The Strib writes that "significant majorities of older voters, Republicans, voters with no college education and Minnesotans living outside of the metropolitan area support the amendment... [while] significant majorities of younger voters, Democrats, college-educated and metro-area voters oppose the amendment."

In other words, voters in areas where gays actually live don't have a problem with them having the same marriage rights straight couples enjoy, while voters in places bereft of gays don't want them to be able to tie the knot. Go figure.

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