Occupy Homes MN to deliver 6,000 signatures to US Bank

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​The Occupy Homes movement -- an offshoot of OccupyMN and Occupy Minneapolis -- is still fighting to keep two Minneapolis homeowners' families from being evicted.

This evening, a group of marchers is bringing over 6,000 signatures to US Bank, in the hopes that the downtown-based lender will find a way for Monique White, of North Minneapolis, and Bobby Hull, of South Minneapolis, to renegotiate their mortgages.

The delivery could be a tricky feat for the two lead organizers, who say they've been trespassed from all US Bank locations in the country for a year.

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Monique White, center, and her family.
​"They're going after the organizers of these protests," says Nick Espinosa, who says he was notified a little over a week ago that he cannot enter bank property.

Despite that threat, Espinosa says marchers will present a printout of the Change.org online petition, and refuse to leave until someone speaks to Hull and White.

"Demand Richard Davis, CEO of U.S. Bank, negotiate with Monique to find a way to stay in her home," the petition reads.

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Bobby Hull (far, upper left) and his family.
​While the two homeowners are still on track to be evicted from their homes, occupiers have some small measure of success -- the redemption period on Monique White's home was up around Thanksgiving and she has not received an eviction notice. A small rotating band of occupiers has been living in her house for the past two months.

Bobby Hull, a Marine veteran living in South Minneapolis, is approaching the end of his redemption period, which is up on February 17. Occupy Homes has been using his house as a forum location and information hub since early December.

Both stories are profiled as a part of the national Occupy Our Homes movement.

Marchers will convene at 5 p.m. at the so-called "People's Plaza" outside the Hennepin County Government Center. Occupy MN participants haven't been sleeping in the plaza for several weeks now -- a combination of cold weather, and cold shoulders from county and city officials.

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