Poll: Minnesota is Gingrich territory

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Somehow, Newt is more popular than Romney even with MN women.
Minnesota is Newt Gingrich territory.

That's the conclusion emerging from a new Public Policy Polling poll of likely Republican voters in the state.

The poll, conducted last weekend, just over two weeks ahead of the February 7 Minnesota GOP caucus, found 36 percent of state Republicans support Gingrich, compared to just 18 percent for second-place Mitt Romney.

The poll, however, should be taken with a dose of caution -- 15 percent of Minnesota Republicans are undecided, and a majority of those who do have a current preference said they could change their minds between now and caucus night. All in all, that leaves almost 70 percent of the Republican electorate still up for grabs.

After Gingrich and Romney, Rick Santorum came in third with 17 percent support, and Ron Paul was fourth with 13 percent.

Though the poll indicates there are still tons of undecided Republicans, almost all the metrics spoke well for Gingrich. Despite his sordid marital history, the Speaker's favorability spread is +34 (59/25), compared to +14 for Romney (50/36). PPP reports that Gingrich's favorability spread among state Republicans has increased by 40 percent since May.

Dean Debnam, president of PPP, said in a press release that "Gingrich's lead in Minnesota reflects his national momentum right now, but with around 70% of voters either undecided or open to changing their minds things could change a lot over the next two weeks before the actual caucus."

Shockingly, even for Minnesota GOP women, Gingrich is more popular than Romney (28 to 19 percent). Perhaps the 150-or-so women PPP surveyed are just really focused on policy issues this election season.

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For those of you who are Ron Paul supporters: how do you feel that even if you vote for Ron Paul your vote won't matter? Even if he were to win- they plan to give the delegates to Romney! I don't care who the candidate is that your supporting- I think this is so disgusting! and Unconstitutional! Talk about class warfare! Who is managing the GOP party? You are suppose to stay out of it and let us have our vote! We the people, for the people, by the people! Not for you to do whatever it is you want to do!


I hope someone can explain to me why Romney is getting awaywith so much garbage.  Come on peoplereally! You are all smarter than this! Has this guy admitted to anything he hasbeen called out on? Has he taken responsibility for anything no matter how bigor small….. has he? NO!!! It’s the same each time,” well my money is tied up ina blind trust and I have no idea where the money goes or where I get my profitsfrom” (BTW don’t know how to add the stuttering he does, nothing against thosewho have that, but he is a liar and that’s why he does it)… Did you actuallymake that commercial about Newt? I don’t know I don’t see half of them. I havenothing to do with those. Ya but Governor, you say at the end “I’m Mitt Romneyand I approve this message”. And instead of taking the responsibility he flipsit and says well let’s ask him, did you say that Newt? I mean come on! Theseare just a couple…. I could be here all night typing this up! But I think youget the point, and I pray that you will spot those now as well!

In case I haven’t made it clear, this man does not representme in any way shape or form! I am not a rich person, but I have nothing againstthose who make a lot of money. Except when it comes down to spending 17-19million dollars on disgusting attack ads that are mostly untrue! There arepeople starving, losing or lost their homes, looking for work, etc….. And youwant to sit up there all smug and act like you’ve just done the world a hugefavor! If you took that money and put it towards those who could actually useyour help you would get my vote! But using statements like- I have made mycareer in the private sector not in Govt! Umm….. Let’s see here, If I’m notmistaken you weren’t re-elected into office for your 2nd term! Andyour statement to that was “At least I made Ted take out a 2nd mortgageon his home to pay for it”! Really???? He is all about hurting people financially, emotionally, and publicly! Disgusting! This is not the guy I want to representme! I actually have values, morals, integrity, and honesty; also I give to andhelp those that I can. He only cares about himself and his family! This is soridiculous! Lord help us if he beats Obama, or Obama gets his 2ndterm!


Aaron probably posted this article before the second PPP release today. That survey shows Gingrich losing to Obama by 15 points in MN (54-39), which is the worst of all four Republican candidates.


I guess the continuing cuts to the Minnesota Education System are beginning to show a return on non-investment.  

Some Idiot
Some Idiot

Ron Paul 2012! It's gonna happen! lol

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