Poll: Obama crushes all GOP candidates in Minnesota [GRAPHIC]

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If the latest polling is accurate, Minnesotans shouldn't worry about this guy come November.
All signs point toward a blue November in Minnesota, at least as far as the presidential race is concerned.

A new Public Policy Polling poll indicates that Barack Obama is on track to cruise to a comfortable win here no matter which Republican contender ultimately emerges as the GOP candidate.

In a summary of the poll, PPP's Dustin Ingalls writes: "It's beyond me why anyone lists Minnesota in even the lean D column." In other words, barring some sort of unforeseen economic meltdown, catastrophe, and/or scandal, Obama can count on Minnesota's support this year.

Here's a handy-dandy graphic breaking down Obama's big lead against any and all Republicans:
Public Policy Polling
The Obama/(insert GOP candidate here) split is reminiscent of the 54 to 44 percent split by which he defeated John McCain in 2008. Indeed, PPP notes that the president "looks like he is set to win the state by a similar margin as in 2008."

The news isn't totally rainbows and unicorns for Obama. PPP notes that his 49 percent approval rating in Minnesota is down a tick from last May, when on the heels of the Bin Laden killing it stood at 51 percent. But even that decline is within the poll's 2.8 percent margin of error.

Interestingly, the poll indicates that Obama would trounce Newt Gingrich by a wider margin than any other Republican candidate, despite the fact that Gingrich is currently on track to win the February 7 Minnesota GOP caucus. PPP notes that the wide split between Obama and Gingrich isn't unique to Minnesota. As the summary notes:
Newt Gingrich Crop.jpg
Wipe that smile off your face, Newt. Polls indicate you've got no shot, here or elsewhere.
We're generally finding lately that Gingrich would be the worst of the four remaining contenders against Obama. Last week, we found he was the only candidate actually trailing Obama in Texas (by two points), while the others were still up by a still weak six to seven points
Put simply, PPP President Dean Debnam said the Minnesota poll "is another reminder of what a disastrous nominee Gingrich would be."

Is it too late for Mitch Daniels to change his mind and enter the GOP race? Because an unexpected  and far-fetched development of that sort looks to be the only thing that could derail Obama in Minnesota this year.

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I really thought Minnesotans were smarter.

Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

Democrats shouldn't be worried about Kirk (the conservative jerk). Democrats should be worried about the inevitable third party that will arise when a third of America looks at the GOP choice and Obama, and wants another option.

I liked Obama's SOTU, but given how he's governed I need to see more from him than words. He's still letting the DEA bust pot growers' heads, he's still letting Wall Street rape America, and he's let the banks get away with murder up until now.

Obama has much to prove to his base. I wish he'd stop trying to impress the Republicans and would get back to doing what the Democrats elected him to do: roll back laws that take away our liberties, tax the rich, and get the economy going again.


I guess that we can look forward to Kirk ignoring the link to the poll results and methodology and launching into a wild rant that makes crazy assumptions about how the poll was conducted.

Statewide sample of 1236 registered voters, MoE 2.8% (VERY good), over two days, with a D/R/I of 36/33/32. PPP only surveys land-line phones, so the actual figures are probably even better for Obama.

Ron Paul loses the State to Obama 51/38. This obviously means that Ron Paul will be President, right? Obama wins Independent voters over Paul 45/39. Paul has an unfavorable break of 27/46 with the 18-29 age demographic, and he loses that same age group to Obama 61/32. But Paul does great with Independents and the "youth vote", we are told.

Of course, we are told that by idiots who mix up primary polling results with general election polling results.

Obama is "despised" with a positive 49/45 job approval rating in MN, but the most popular Republican candidate (Santorum) is 'wildly popular' at a negative 30/50 fav / unfav breakdown.

And the wingnuts still believe that it's 2010, though only 16% of the State considers themselves to be "very conservative". Meanwhile the "tenther" hero Pawlenty polls so badly that he's finished in statewide politics, and the Tea Party heroine Bachmann does even worse.

But just wait until Republicans start criticizing Obama. That will turn things around. I'm surprised that they haven't done that before now. Once they start calling him a mega-Muslim and a super-socialist, those numbers for Obama will drop like a stone. Right? And in between calling Obama names and projecting scary scenarios, they can call Obama "divisive". Because hating Obama isn't divisive at all; it unites us, right?


Yeah, the voters are stupid and brainwashed, which is why we need to "listen to The People" and let these stupid brainwashed voters govern themselves...like Ron Paul says.


Yeah, I know. I really thought that Obama would be crushing his opponent 60/40 at least.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Obama is lazy and sucks as president.   Let's look at his meager list of accomplishments.

1)  Killed Bin Laden2)  Saved the America Auto Industry3)   Provided Universal Healthcare to all Americans4)  Ended Don't Ask Don't Tell5)   Dismantled Al Queda's Leadership 6)  Ended the War in Iraq. 7)  Consumer Protection Board8)  Killed Qaddaffi in the smartest possible way9)  Prevented the Great Depression with his stimulas bill10)  Replaced 2 Supreme Court Justices with 2 women including the first latino woman on the Supreme Court11)   Passed Dodd Frank Banking Reform Bill12)   Put Elizabeth Warren in charge of Tarp oversight which means 75% of TARP funds have already been paid back

Such an asshole.  He did this with Republicans who only want to help the President and who are willing to put America first over any sort of partisian disagreement with Obama.  You Liberals need to pull your head out of your ass and realize if John McCain was President how much better off we would be.  Imagine if a Republican were President during Qaddaffi?     Why I bet we'd still have troops in Iran who we had to invade for freedom and stuff.    I'm so sick of a socialist muslim athiest like Barack Obama who embarrasses America every chance we get.   We need a dignified politician like Sarah Palin to represent our country. 

Sam I am.
Sam I am.

I hate to break it to you, but over-taxing the rich is not going to get our economy going again.  The only thing it will do is force the rich to continue to invest and create jobs overseas.  Remember when Clinton increased the capitol gains tax rate?  Instead of creating more revenue, it did the exact opposite, and Clinton quickly lowered it again.  Lesson learned.  


I completely agree. These numbers aren't a validation of Obama's accomplishments. Rather, they are a testament to the astounding unpopularity and tone-deafness of the Republicans.

The Republican base has isolated itself in every conceivable way into a bubble reality where the vast majority of the nation are Tea Party wingnuts and the President is hated. They are unable to even speak to anyone outside of their base.

Your criticisms of Obama are spot on. Fortunately for Obama, the Republican 'solutions ' are much worse.

I think that it's the Republicans that should be worried about Kirk. He's a constant advertisement for their worst tendencies and positions. And all of the polling that I've seen on third-party match-ups indicate that the scenario draws right-leaning Independents far more than Obama voters, especially in swing states.

Sam I am.
Sam I am.

"PPP only surveys land-line phones, so the actual figures are probably even better for Obama."And we all are aware of the class of people who own cell phones but don't have a land line....of course they vote democrat.  Their welfare entitlements depend on it. 


I do remember when Clinton increased the capitol gains tax rate, shortly thereafter we had a major economic boom with a surplus that would quickly eliminate the federal spending deficit.

Then we spent it all on wars and Bush's tax cuts.

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