Casey Lewis, star of Sad Packers Fan video, is happy to do media interviews

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Casey Lewis is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.
Three days after pathetically whimpering about how her Packers-themed nail-job and Clay Matthews jersey caused her favorite team to lose to the New York Giants, "sad Packers fan" Casey Lewis is apparently feeling better.

Lewis, 24, is a lifelong Wisconsin resident and currently lives in Wauwatosa. Now that her video has gone viral (400,000 views and counting), she's doing the media circuit.

In other words, the one-minute video of her blubbering like a child has apparently resulted in her 15 minutes of fame.

In an interview with Michael Rand, Lewis admits that she "may have been drinking a little bit" in the hours preceding her crying fit. She says "she had a few touchdown shots," and though she obviously was feeling the effects, would've liked to have had a few more Packers touchdowns to celebrate.

Oh yeah, she considers Clay Matthews to be her boyfriend, and her younger sister feels the same way about Aaron Rodgers. Clearly, these two 'Sconnies don't need booze to get delusional.

In all seriousness, Lewis seems to have a healthy sense of humor about the whole situation. After Rand thanks her for being a good sport, she fittingly replies with "You bet. What am I going to do, cry?"

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She's copying that other viral video of the sorority girl who's upset about the fire extinguishers. Fake, fake, fake.


The video is clearly fake. Her crying, that is.

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