Luverne Pizza Ranch hosts Santorum tonight

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Santorum sweater vest.jpg
Santorum coming out of his jacket
Rick Santorum is coming to Minnesota tonight, which makes him the first presidential candidate to campaign in the state this year.

Santorum's visit follows Ron Paul's recent television push in the state, as Paul has begun airing campaign ads for the Minnesota caucus February 7. Mitt Romney is apparently also on his way to the state, too, according to Politico reporter Reid Epstein.

Santorum is campaigning in Missouri during the day and coming to Luverne this evening for a town hall at Pizza Ranch. The event's scheduled for 7PM.

The ex-senator from Pennsylvania has local ties to Minnesota: his trademark sweater vests are made in the Bemidji Woolen Mills.

We'll see if his campaign stop leads to a Santorum surge in Minnesota.

Ron Paul focusing on MN caucus, buys "substantial" airtime in state
Santorum's trademark sweater vests are Minnesota-made

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