Study: Twin Cities 4th best place to stay young

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We eat wheat, therefore we stay young.
A new study concludes that the Twin Cities are one of the best metropolises for staying young -- and we don't even need Botox to fend off father time.

The study, put together by the Real Age website, ranks MSP as the fourth best metro to remain youthful, behind San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and San Diego, respectively.

Real Age gathered information from more than 28 million people and determined the rankings based on lifestyle choices. Summarizing the methodology, Real Age co-founder Michael Roizen, M.D., said that "cities with the lowest stress are basically the youngest. Stress, smoking, diet, exercise -- all four of those seem to go together."

Says the study about MSP's fourth-place ranking:
Denizens of this vibrant Midwestern metropolis know how to take care of themselves, and that makes it one of the best places to stay young. Minneapolis-St. Paul is best when it comes to eating whole grains, which helps residents have the best blood pressure, too. It's also second best for low stress, and third best for adequate sleep and vitamin D -- all of which make this a youthful city.
"Minneapolis-St. Paul: Come here because we eat lots of whole grains." What marketing potential!

To see the full rankings, click here.

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Not a surprise.  We have a lot of packed gyms and when it's nice people jogging & biking.  According to the list, the South East isn't doing too well in this.  You would think since the weather's nice people would get out more.

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