Tim Walz one of 20 most vulnerable incumbents, Democrats say

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Tim Walz is vulnerable
Representative Tim Walz is vulnerable to a Republican challenge in his fall re-election campaign, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

That much seemed obvious to Minnesota Republicans earlier this year: party power broker Michael Brodkorb left the state GOP to work for state senator Mike Parry, Walz' challenger.

Those plans changed last month when Brodkorb left the Parry campaign amidst rumors that he was having an affair with Amy Koch but Republicans are waging an aggressive campaign despite the fall of Brodkorb. GOP leaders say Walz has a "dismal record" on jobs.

Walz recently spoke to the Mankato Free Press about his campaign for re-election.

Mike Parry wants to beat Tim Walz
In the interview, Walz said the designation by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was "probably fair" and said his team would fight hard against the Republican challenge.

"Every time we run out here, we take nothing for granted," Walz said.

Walz "hinted" to the Free Press that his fundraising totals will be strong when his campaign turns them into the Federal Elections Commission later this month.

"We probably had the most support for an off year, without a doubt, that we've ever seen," Walz told the paper. "Which, I think in a tough economy, is a good sign."

Parry, for his part, has taken to calling Walz "Washington Walz' and saying he's "bad for jobs, bad for business" in official statements.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

It's Hard to run from your voting record isn't it Mr. Walz?

Act like a pig rolling in the slop that is Minnesota's tax dollars, and eventually you will get carted off to the processing plant for slaughter...

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Mike Parry has vowed if elected to catch the person that stole most of his body hair.   The FBI must help Mike Parry find his eyebrows. 


What a Cornkorb!

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