Twin Cities 13th "most lesbianish" metro, says Jezebel

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If the recent lists are to be believed, MSP is slightly more gay than lesbian.
Minneapolis-St. Paul is the 13th "most lesbainish" metro in the country, according to Jezebel's first-ever ranking of lesbian hot spots.

Jezebel doesn't explain the list's methodology, so take it for what it's worth, but the Twin Cities gets kudos for our abundance of piercing-laden bicycle chicks, Carleton College (how is Carleton more of a lesbian haven than St. Kate's?), and a certain championship-winning professional basketball team.

In fact, Jezebel characterizes Minnesota Lynx games as "the best place to meet a lady" in the whole Twin Cities. Lesbian or not, it's a tip worth keeping in mind if you're single, even if it's hard to imagine chatting up a romantic prospect at the Target Center.

But before Twin Cities lesbians get all high and mighty about our relatively high level of lesbianishness, know that Minneapolis-St. Paul is actually bested on the list by two other Midwestern cities -- Chicago (number six) and Madison (number 12).

As for number one? Jezebel awarded that honor to Northampton-Amherst, Massachusetts -- the birthplace of Rachel Maddow's career and home to more lesbians per capita than any other city in the country.

To see the full list, click here.

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