UW Madison associate AD touches student's crotch during booze-fueled party, resigns

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John Chadima learned a "very hard lesson" -- it's wrong to touch somebody's genitals without permission.
It appears Happy Valley doesn't have the market cornered when it comes to Big 10 sports-related sex scandals.

Earlier this month, John Chadima, senior associate athletic director at UW Madison, resigned his position after an adult student employee of the university alleged that Chadima touched him inappropriately during a boozy Rose Bowl party.

More details about the incident were released yesterday thanks to a report released by a panel put together by UW Madison administrators.

According to the report:

Dozens of students and school employees were partying in Chadima's Los Angeles hotel suite on the night of December 30, three days before the Rose Bowl game that pitted Wisconsin and Oregon. Some of the revelers were under 21, and attendees served themselves booze.

The party began to wind down about 2 a.m. As the party people left, Chadima asked "John Doe" (the victim's name is not public information) to "stay here and have a drink with me." You can probably see where this is going.

After Chadima and the student had three rum drinks together, Chadima told the student he thought he was gay, and some of the other student employees thought he was gay as well. The student told investigators Chadima's remarks made him "uncomfortable and defensive."

Chadima then approached the student, unbuckled his belt, and put his hands down the student's pants, touching his genitals. The "shocked and frightened" student slapped his hand away and swore at Chadima, to which Chadmia replied, "What are you going to do about it? I could have you fired."

The student immediately left the room and told his boss, who was also in Los Angeles for the big game, about the incident. A UW police lieutenant was informed about Chadima's inappropriate actions when the team's charter returned to Madison on January 4, and two days later Chadima resigned.

Yesterday, Chadima released a statement through his attorney. In part, it says:
I make no excuses and have come to the realization that over the past few months, alcohol had controlled and consumed my life. I am taking steps to correct that problem in my life at this time. I will take full responsibility for my lack of judgment and actions that evening...

I have learned a very hard lesson through this process, am paying a difficult price for my actions, and I hope that a lesson can somehow be learned by all from this situation. I also hope that my apologies will be accepted, and forgiveness given.
Very hard lesson? I've always thought folks learned at a pretty early age that touching somebody's junk without their consent is generally a bad idea, but perhaps that's just my Minnesota education talking.

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The kid was 21, old enough to defend himself and didn't back away when Chadima was unbuckling his belt...something tells me they had sex, and then the kid took advantage of the situation. Obviously I don't know the real story, but...

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

If City Pages could get that red faced idiot Bret Bielema fired for this that would be so awesome.   I would love the liberal media forever if you guys pulled that off.  I know you can do it!   Reporters can do anything when they conspire.   Form a new cabal like how they got Denny Green fired.   Pretty please? 


That kind of arrogant, boorish behavior ("I could get you fired") is rarely spur of the moment.  It's learned, reinforced behavior that grows worse over time.  I really, really wonder how many people are going to stand up and say they've been victimized by this creep.


I don't get it.  I thought drinking to excess made it MORE difficult for your 'lesson' to be 'very hard'...

T Blackford
T Blackford

How low by suggesting that 'others could learn' from this. That is acting like it is some confusing mystery. During times in my life where I drank too much, I passed out during the third debate between Obama and McCain, swearing at McCain for being McCain in a drunken fashion. If he was calculating enough to say coherent words and enact a plan to trap this student alone, he can't use alcohol as an excuse. 

Nobody ever says 'I was a dirty bastard, and I got caught after I thought I had the upper hand by threatening to fire this person. I am clearly a douchebag.' They say 'My sleeping pill addiction clouded my judgment.' When my judgment is clouded from drink, I talk louder than I usually do, or laugh at things that aren't as funny as my volume indicates. I don't think 'Suddenly, frotting folks on the bus seems not reprehensible. In addition, why not kidnap some hookers and set fire to them?'

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